Fans Are Still Obsessing Over CW Football Drama 'All American'

Adrianna Freedman

From Men's Health

If you could remember what life was like at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, you might remember a little television show that suddenly became very popular thanks to the power of Netflix. All American, the teen football drama from the CW, tells the story of an African-American teenager from the South Crenshaw area of Los Angeles, who gets recruited by Beverly Hills High School to join their football team, finding himself navigating two different worlds. Inspired by the true story of Spencer Paysinger, the show’s first two seasons are currently streaming on Netflix, and with a third season already in the works, fans are eagerly catching up on the lives of Spencer James, the Baker family and the other players that make up this series that many viewers suddenly can't get enough of.

Luckily for everyone involved, binge-watching is one of the most common (and only) activities during everyone's quarantine time; without everyone streaming the series and making it one Netflix's most watched shows, there was a very real chance that it could’ve been cancelled. In response to just how well-received the show has been, fans have taken to their social media accounts to voice their love (or multiple loves) for the series. Whether it be TikToks impersonating characters, drinking games for repeated catchphrases, or just a love letter to their favorite moments in 280 characters, fans clearly love the show and are not afraid to air their thoughts to the world of the internet.

How to become Coach Baker.

A typical football awards ceremony... according to TV.


When a fan looks for their favorite character in a pivotal NFL moment.

For those looking to work out like Spencer James.

Even the actors on the show assist in TikTok creation.

When fans didn't realize how in their feelings they would be.

When a fan clearly has a favorite character.

When Leonardo DiCaprio is the only person to describe the series.

When is the new season coming out?

When fans find out a big secret about Spencer James.

For those looking to reminisce their love of Friday Night Lights.

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