How Fans Really Feel About Daniel Betraying Lily On Young and the Restless

Daniel and Lily reunited.
Daniel and Lily reunited.

Lily’s back and that means THE conversation had to happen. Daniel finally had to man up and do what he should have done weeks ago. He had to tell Lily that he and Heather had reunited while Lily was out west caring for her traumatized daughter. There was no way this moment would go well for Lily or Daniel. He particularly found out how badly the reunion could go in the Wednesday, March 13, 2024 episode of The Young and the Restless.

Daniel and Lily: Hello and Goodbye

Lily (Christel Khalil) opened the door to Daniel’s holding a bag full of groceries not expecting to see Daniel (Michael Graziadei) sharing a meal with Heather (Vail Bloom) and Lucy (Lily Brooks O’Briant). Thankfully, the awkwardness that followed didn’t last forever. Heather and Lucy made their excuses (shopping) and left. But not without an awkward Lily/Lucy hug and even more awkward small talk from Daniel welcoming Lily back to town.

Needless to say, Lily read the room and knew something was up. Immediately, she wanted Daniel to fill her in. Unfortunately, he hesitated and hemmed and hawed, so ultimately, it was up to her to guess. She hit the nail on the head when she guessed that Daniel and Heather were back together. The conversation went a lot like that, with Lily connecting the dots instead of Daniel admitting to what happened while Lily was gone. She also tried to tell him that this was Heather’s motive all along but he didn’t want to hear it.

Understandably, the Chancellor-Winters executive felt deeply hurt that the man who was her first love ever reunited with his wife. Yet he acted like everything was normal during their numerous phone calls while she was gone. Not once did he hint that anything untoward was going on. Just when the painful conversation was about to end, Daniel let out a doozy. He completely threw Devon (Bryton James) under the bus, letting Lily know that her brother knew and never told her. That’s what those in the business call a double whammy.

Fan Feedback

Soap Hub hit the X/Formerly known as Twitter to find out what Y&R fans think about Daniel betraying Lily. @mkat027 asked, “Can someone send me the petition supporting Lily ruining the lives of every single member of the Romalotti family? I need to sign. #yr.” Others will probably approve of her message, too.

Meanwhile, @SoapsSpoilers didn’t envy Daniel during his loaded and dramatic conversation with Lily at all. In fact, they thought “Daniel’s just digging his grave deeper. The way I want Lily to snap on him… #YR.”

Elsewhere, @beyourburden did not mince words, saying, “I need Lily to make Daniel hit that unemployment line, slap Heather into next week & snatch up their brat while she’s at. #YR.”

Understandably, @Gregpuna tapped into Y&R’s (family) history for his comment when he defended Lily. He said, “#YR I know it won’t happen, but I need for Lilly to go full Dru on Daniel’s ass or at least Olivia.”

@TMZDeeDee felt strongly and emotionally that “Lily didn’t deserve this. #YR.”

@vanpelttv has already moved on from Daniel, saying they are “Ready for a new era of Lily Winters! #YR.”

Finally, @alexaismyname2 thinks “Lily’s reaction was one of being the adult in the room. Her anger is just beginning. #yr.”

What do you think Lily should do after learning Daniel betrayed her? Let us know by commenting below.

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