Fans React To Jessica Simpson Going 'Makeup Free' At 43: 'Beautiful Skin'

Jessica Simpson Beautycon Festival LA 2018
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Jessica Simpson is no stranger to blowing fans away with super-glamorous selfies on Instagram. However, the Open Book author stripped it all back in honor of her 43rd birthday on July 10th, as she took off her makeup to treat her 6.3M followers to a breathtaking makeup-free selfie. And all we can say is wow!

The mom-of-three captioned her glowing picture: “43 makeup free (kinda. Ha. I did curl my lashes.)” The picture showed Jessica wearing a red top, an elegant necklace, and simple silver hoop earrings, and flashing a smile for the camera. She told fans that she doesn’t have any makeup on; although it does look like she has some lipgloss (or perhaps it’s lip balm) on, as her lips look very glossy.

Jessica Simpson’s Makeup-Free Instagram Selfie

Many of the Jessica Simpson Collection designer’s fans have been concerned about her ever-shrinking frame over the past year, with many of her previous social media posts getting mixed reactions from fans. Some of her fans thought that she had gone too far with her 100-lb weight loss (with many thinking that she had lost far more than the 100 lbs she claimed she did) while others still thought she looked great in the pictures.

However, fans were almost unanimously in agreement that her birthday selfie was stunning beyond words – even if they did think that she wasn’t telling the whole truth about going makeup-free! (Who or what shall we believe?!)

Fan Comments

Many fans were in awe of the Dukes of Hazzard star's glowing, blemish-free skin, with one writing: "Beautiful skin! I want to know what eye cream she uses! No darkness under there at all!" "You are stunning!" praised another fan, preceded by three red heart emojis. Another begged to find out her secrets, asking, "What’s your skincare routine!?" Another fan complimented her on her weight loss and sobriety journey, which she has been very open about over the years, writing, "Sober looks great on you," followed by the hand praising emoji. Another echoed this, writing, "Gorgeous! Sobriety and empowerment looks so amazing on you," followed by the twinkling stars emoji.

However, many other fans couldn’t move past her makeup-free comment, which they deemed to be a little untruthful! "In what world is this makeup free?" asked one fan, followed by two crying laughing emojis. "You look lovely, but please don’t lie about not wearing makeup!" exclaimed another, adding, "You can see the clumpiness of your mascara. It’s irresponsible to put this message out there, as many in the comments are wondering why they don’t look this way makeup-free."

"Mascara, lip gloss, brow pencil, blush or highlight, concealer. Girl please. Don’t say makeup free when it obviously isn’t," criticized another fan, as someone else said: "Beautiful as always but not makeup free in this photo. Choosing makeup or no makeup is fine… just be honest about it, especially for the young, impressionable fans." Makeup-free or not, we think this stripped back picture is absolutely gorgeous, and hope to see more pictures like it in the future!