Fans React to Chris Pratt Seemingly Comparing Himself to Jesus

At a New York City screening of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Chris Pratt commented on facing criticism about his religious beliefs and seemed to compare himself to Jesus, leaving fans divided.

During an interview with Page Six, Pratt was asked if he gets criticized about his faith, to which he responded, "I sure do, but that’s nothing new, that’s nothing new, you know?"

But it was his following comment that has people confused: "That's the way it is — nothing new. Two thousand years ago, they hated him too."

Many people saw this as Pratt comparing his struggles with criticism about his faith to Jesus being persecuted for his religion, taking issue with the comparison.

One fan simply responded with a gif and the comment, "Not Chris Pratt comparing himself to Jesus to @PageSix. #WorstChris."

Another simply said, "*OVERLY DRAMATIC EYEROLL*"

A different Twitter user questioned who Pratt was referring to, writing, "Who is this 'they' he's talking about? Also, I've never seen anyone criticize his faith. I've seen people criticize the anti-LGBT+ church that he's rumored to have belonged to, but not him for being a Christian, but never for being a Christian."

Some pointed out that the intention behind his comment might be misunderstood, as one reply said, "He’s comparing it to HOW people hated Jesus for what he said, not saying He’s literally Jesus. This is a common reference Christian’s make about Christian suffering. Twitter People just are desperate to find reasons to hate."

There were also a lot of people who shared their support for Pratt and his recent comments, as someone said, "Gotta respect the man for putting his faith first."

"God bless Chris Pratt for not caving," read a different comment.

Another supportive fan wrote, "@prattprattpratt has got to be one of the inspirational and influential people on the planet and he’s standing up for his faith, you are in my prayers brother and you should be in a lot more people’s prayers. Stand your ground."

As of now, Pratt has not made any further remarks about his religion and possible criticism surrounding it.

Both the actor and his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, don't often publicly respond to issues like this, although Schwarzenegger did share a few comments about Pratt and the rumors surrounding his relationship with his son earlier this year, voicing support for him.