Fans React Appropriately to HBO Max's Name Change

Today marks the launch of HBO's new app, called Max, replacing the HBO Max app. While the news was announced in mid-April, now that the name change is finally here, people have a lot to say.

Quite a few people expressed confusion about the name change and the reasoning behind it.

One user pointed out, "they cut HBO from HBO MAX only to clarify in the tagline that it's from HBO..."

Others noted that Max is a completely new app, meaning a lot of people now have HBO Max and Max installed at the same time, adding to the confusion.

"Why is Max a separate app from HBO Max? Surely they could have just made it an update so people wouldn’t be insanely confused during the transition, right? Patrick, you fool, trying to find logic in folly," said another user.

Many also didn't understand why HBO changed the color of the app from purple to blue, as many other streaming services use blue already.

When someone pointed this out, another Twitter user said, "At least Hulu and Netflix aren’t. But this is also another reason to hate the HBO Max rebrand to Max. HBO Max was purple before which was unique, but Max is just gonna be blue like nearly every other one."

Others just decided that they aren't going to go along with the name change.

"Idgaf what WB says I’m still going to call it HBO MAX," said one defiant user.

A different comment read, "I can’t call HBO Max just Max. Doesn’t feel right. Like calling Netflix just Flix."

As expected, there were plenty of great jokes, with one person sharing a hilarious image of a The Last of Us video game still, writing, "ME SEEING HBO MAX IS NOW JUST MAX..."

A ton of people are also participating in a trend where they place the HBO Max logo next to an image of a character named Max, joking that this is what the app will turn into.

The official account for the Empire State Building even participated in the conversation, tweeting, "Inspired by HBO MAX rebranding to MAX, I’ll know be known as BUILDING."

After some people pointed out a typo, the account also replied, "I see the typo. It’s hard to type without thumbs."

While it might be a hard adjustment for many, it appears that the new Max steaming network name is here to stay.