Fans React to Alyssa Milano’s ‘Magical Reunion’ With ‘Charmed’ Actor

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Charmed fans got quite the gift from Alyssa Milano this weekend, with the actress sharing a shocking reunion with a major cast member from the classic TV series.

Milano posted a selfie to her Instagram account on Saturday, Sept. 9, featuring none other than Julian McMahon, who played her character's love interest in Charmed.

While Milano portrayed one of the main Halliwell sisters, Phoebe Halliwell, McMahon played Cole Turner, a demon who has a tumultuous romance with Phoebe. The two were a fan-favorite couple while the show was airing.

The 50-year-old captioned the snap, "Just a couple of pals in Paris."

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Fans were absolutely thrilled to see Milano and McMahon together again, with one comment reading, "This picture of you two together after all these years makes me feel ‘charmed’ all over again! Love the magical connection you share!"

Another joked, "You’re my favorite toxic relationship ever 😍😍😍😍."

"We still waiting for next charmed season," wrote a devoted fan, while someone else responded to the photo, "I waited more than 17 years to see this 😍 phoebe and cole ❤️."

YouTuber Deepica Mutyala proclaimed the selfie "the reunion we all needed."

To make it even better, Milano shared another snap of the two together the next day, writing, "Just two pals in Paris day 2."

"You broke the internet 🔥, and you deserve that," read a comment.

One fan wrote on the second photo, "the original I CAN FIX HIM," to which Milano responded, "exactly."

The two were together in Paris, France, for a fan convention, and thankfully, they shared the snaps for people who were unable to come to see the actors in person.

Who knows, maybe a full Charmed reunion is in the future?

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