Fans Rave About Rescue Dog Who Stole the Spotlight in 'Prey'

But more importantly, they want to know where Coco is now.

The Predator prequel Prey debuted in Hulu's number one premiere slot of all time, according to Deadline, but it's the film's canine co-star that's stealing everybody's hearts.

Coco, the dog in question, was adopted specifically for the film, as star Amber Midthunder told Dexerto. "She was kind of a disaster," Midthunder said of the dog's coachability. "She was a little bit of a hot mess – but in a sweet way…She was such a delight to have around, she was so fun and very playful. And then it would be time to do stuff… sometimes she'd do it, sometimes she wouldn't."

Filmmaker Dan Trachtenberg described the American dingo as "super rambunctious [and] very energetic." He said there was "always a nail-biting moment for us on set," wondering if Coco would hit her mark and do what they needed her to do. "It was sometimes a journey to get there, but eventually she always did," he said, explaining that the crew would give Coco lots of cheers when they finally got the take.

Despite all of the hiccups due to Coco's lack of training, everybody loved her, and they kept writing her into more and more scenes than those she was originally intended to shoot.

Fans are all for the promotions Coco received. One tweeted in response, "She's the goodest girl though."

"Immediately onto the Mt Rushmore of film's good doggos," said another.

"What will it take to get a 5-minute cut of Coco's on-set antics #releasethecocoblooperreel," begged a third.

"Coco is a star. She knew it was her set. Her movie. Her big break. Every great actor has a little diva in them," another user wrote.

Many users want to know where Coco is now, which neither Midthunder nor Trachtenberg seem to have addressed thus far. Hopefully, she's gone to her forever home with one of the cast or crew members, and hopefully, they confirm that for us sooner rather than later!

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