Fans Rally Around Jessie James Decker After She Admits She's Been "Struggling" for Years

Fans Rally Around Jessie James Decker After She Admits She's Been "Struggling" for Years

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Fans are getting to see a new side to Jessie James Decker, and it's the most vulnerable one we've seen her yet.

Over the weekend, the "Should Have Known Better" singer decided to share a heartfelt message with fans that reveals she's been struggling with mental health and body image. Her "open and honest" post is the most personal we've seen Jessie get, especially compared to the highlight reel that is her Instagram page.

She began by penning, "I want to be open and honest. I have struggled the last couple of years. It's up-and-down." In the message, Jessie revealed that she's struggled for years as her anxiety, self-esteem, and confidence has gotten worse.

Later in the post, Jessie got really transparent about body image issues and explains she would go through a cycle of "being obsessed with working out and being muscular and thin to just giving up and gaining."

The "Not in Love With You" singer even pointed out that despite her recent accomplishments, she's faced challenges in her career and she feels like she's "constantly in a battle with the rest of the industry to prove to them that [she's] not just a TV personality."

Her and husband Eric's first year of marriage was very public as cameras followed them around before expecting their first child for E!'s Eric and Jessie. After 3 seasons, the show ended, but the spotlight on her private life never left. Later in the vulnerable post, Jessie explained how she's dealt with cyber bullying and lives in "fear [of her] sweet daughter seeing it someday."

Fans quickly rallied around Jessie, praising her for her vulnerability and offering empowering messages like:

  • Oh how I admire your vulnerability and raising the bar for the rest of us to follow suit. ♥️

  • You’re sooooo not alone in this! I feel you, I relate to you & I’m sending you so much love! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Always here for u ❤️ u don’t realize how much of an inspiration u are to girls.

Even Eric left a comment that said, "Love you!! Your vulnerability is inspiring and beautiful."

Now that Jessie's tour has been halted due to testing positive for Covid, her anxiety and depression has heightened in the fear of letting fans down. With more shows resuming in late June, we're sending our best wishes to Jessie and can't wait to see her hit the stage once again!

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Anyone feeling like they are suffering from disordered eating or an eating disorder can and should reach out for help immediately. The NEDA helpline at (800) 931-2237 is available daily via call or text, and officials also are on standby in digital chats, ready to help you find resources in your area. If you are concerned about a loved one, learn more about how you can help.

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