Fans Have Lots to Say About Chris Hemsworth in 'Extraction'

Adrianna Freedman
·4 min read

From Men's Health

  • Extraction, starring Chris Hemsworth, is currently streaming on Netflix.

  • The movie is stuntman Sam Hargrave's directorial debut.

  • Social media has a lot to say about the new movie (and Hemsworth, in particular).

If you're looking for something to pass the time while in quarantine, and have already exhausted your options on Netflix, you're in luck. On Friday, the streaming platform premiered Extraction, an action movie starring none other than Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth.

In case you missed it, the film follows a mercenary (Hemsworth) on a mission to rescue a drug lord's kidnapped son. And judging by its synopsis alone, you can expect plenty of stunts, car chases, and fight scenes from the film. The movie itself is Sam Hargrave's directorial debut; Hargrave was formerly a stunt coordinator for some of the most recent Avenger films. (Joe Russo, one half of the duo behind the Avengers franchise, is also responsible for the screenplay.)

Since we're all at home and glued to our electronic devices now more than ever, naturally, social media is lit up with takes on the film, most of which seem positive. Other people, well, just seem happy to see Hemsworth in all his muscle-bound glory (and regardless of the movie's quality). "Extraction is a terrible movie that I watched bc Chris Hemsworth is hot," writes one user on Twitter, "and I respect my movie stars."

Below, other reactions on social media to the new action flick (and yes, Hemsworth):

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