Fans Are Losing It Over 'Law & Order' Promo Previewing Benson and Stabler Romance

The on-screen pair we always wished would become a couple.

Are our TV "ship" dreams finally coming true?

It seems like Law & Order: SVU fans' wishes could soon be granted, as the series released a promo video with Detectives Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) appearing to possibly, finally, share a kiss.

If you're a fan of the longstanding show, you know this relationship has been several years in the making, with the crime-fighting partners hinting at a deeper-than-friendship connection a few times over the years, and dancing around the subject in many more recent episodes of both the Special Victims Unit and Organized Crime installments.

However, no romantic involvement was ever brought to fruition—after all, Elliot Stabler had been married up until his retirement from the force (Meloni's exit from the show) at the end of Season 12. Upon making his on-screen return to the production, his wife Kathy Stabler tragically died in a car bombing in SVU's Season 22, Episode 9. The unfortunate episode turned out to be the lead-in for his new spin-off, Law & Order: Organized Crime.

In the NBC promo for the upcoming SVU 12th episode of Season 24, fans were thrown into a frenzy by what appeared to be Benson cradling Stabler's face, as if she's about to go in for a kiss.

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Of course, in true television world cliff-hanger fashion, the camera immediately cuts away from the scene, leaving viewers to wonder what happens between the two.

"GOOD MORNING, we now live in a world where Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler touch foreheads and noses while she cradles his face and they HOLD EACH OTHER," one devoted fan reacted to the clip in a tweet.

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Another joked they are now a "different person" after seeing the promo, following up with, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME"

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Fans were also beside themselves in the comments of the video posted to YouTube. "Even if they don’t kiss this is physically the closest and the most intimate they’ve ever been. THIS IS HUGE!!!" one fan pointed out.

"When I tell you I did a flip in my living room, then began hyperventilating and started crying...I'm not kidding," another commented.

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Benson previously opened up about her feelings for Stabler in a drunken chat in a hotel room with Detective Amanda Rollins (Kelli Giddish) on the SVU midseason finale, saying Stabler was her "home."

Upon the coworkers agreeing that Stabler's deceased wife was the only "boundary" stopping them from having a relationship, Benson realizes, "With her gone it’s like there’s nothing but possibility, which is paralyzing."

Meanwhile, in a later timeslot on Organized Crime, Stabler had a drunken confession of his own to Italian cop Tia Leonetti (Ayelet Zurer).

After Stabler awakes from a boozy slumber, Leonetti informs him of what he had divulged to her the night before. “You said there’s a woman you’re in love with,” she recalled, to which the detective confusingly responded, "I did?"

All this, after a prior crossover episode where he emphatically blurted out "I love you!" to Benson during an emotional "intervention" conversation about his mental health with his family.

Whew—that recap was a lot to digest! However, totally necessary for those who need a little background information to process the magnitude of this possible new development between the duo.

In real life, Mariska Hargitay is married to Peter Hermann, while Sherman Williams is Christopher Meloni's wife of 28 years.

Though these two have happily built lives with other people, it doesn't stop us from loving the idea of them finally hitting it off on-screen!