Fans Question Kanye West and 'Wife' Bianca Censori's Date Night Outfits

Kanye West (A.K.A "Ye") and his new 'wife,' Bianca Censori, stepped out for a little date night over the weekend, and the internet doesn't know what to make of the couple's outfits.

The rapper, 45, was photographed on May 13 wearing a black leather crewneck, brown leggings and what appeared to be some sort of shin guard as the main feature of his footwear. Meanwhile, Censori opted for a white skintight high-neck crop top, a pair of footless gray tights, and a pair of kitten heels.

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The two were reportedly heading back from a dinner date at Cecconi's in West Hollywood when they were spotted on Saturday–and the look caught social media by surprise, with a handful of users likening the duo to something out of a video game or entertainment franchise.

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"ye been playing zelda. from zara or zora [sic]," one Twitter user joked.

Someone else said, "this how my npc characters dress in #sims4."

"Kanye dressed like Abel from SF4 [Street Fighter IV]," another added before a fourth chimed in with, "Kanye dresses like a homeless Sith Lord," and a fifth called him "a Power Ranger."

Others were at a loss for words, simply sharing their shock online.

"Shin guards?" one perplexed response read.

"What the Hell is he wearing? Those shoes?" another questioned.

A third joked that they were "too poor to understand what Kanye is wearing."

And despite West's multitude of openly anti-semitic remarks, there were still a few aiding in defense of the artist–or at least, his fashion.

"People mad that Kanye can dress like a Hockey goalie expecting rain and still have a bad b---h on his arm," one fan wrote.

"For some reason, I like it," someone else shared, while a third seemed to unironically call him the "greatest of all time."

West, who was previously married to Kim Kardashian and with whom he shares four children, and Censori were first linked in January 2023. They were later reported to have had a knot-tying ceremony that same month. However, later reports revealed that the couple didn't have a legally-binding marriage license–at least not as of yet.

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