Fans 'impressed' by Jordyn Woods' reaction to fashion line criticism: 'Handling this better than I would have'

Jordyn Woods is speaking out after a TikTok review of her new clothing line went massively viral last week for all the wrong reasons. And so far, people are applauding the model’s thoughtful and diplomatic response to some pretty heavy criticism.

The initial review was posted by Stella Williams (@thestellawilliams), a plus-size model and style influencer who likes to keep it real with her followers. But despite looking forward to trying Woods’ new collection, she felt disappointed and even “disrespected” after trying on her haul — especially since she dropped nearly $400 on just three dresses.

“Um, it’s so bad I just unfollowed the brand,” Williams said bluntly after trying the first dress on. “I would never, ever have any of my followers spend $123 [each] on these dresses.”

In fact, Williams wound up comparing the dresses to something you’d find in “the clearance section of Shein,” noting that the material was flimsy and “cheap-feeling,” and the high prices and poor quality made the whole thing feel like a celebrity “cash grab.”

“As a Black woman, I wanted to support [Woods],” Williams said, but “I’m offended that I spent $400 on three dresses. Period.”

She then captioned the post with a pointed warning for the model-turned-brand-owner: “Woods by Jordyn, count your mf days,” Williams wrote. “Be soooo ffr rn.”

The TikTok has now received more than 3.3 million views and over 4,000 comments from people who seemed stunned by Williams’ revelations.

“Thank you for the honesty!!! Omg,” wrote one TikToker.

“Omg no!” added someone else. “I was rooting for her.”

But just one day after the review went live, Woods hopped on the app herself to respond to Williams’ claims, and what she said left even her biggest critics pretty impressed.

“OK, I just want to lead with: Wow, you look phenomenal in the dress,” Woods told Williams. “I honestly think you look so good! Thank you for buying the dress.”

The model also thanked Williams for giving exposure to her new brand, Woods by Jordyn, which launched on Jan. 23.

“There’s always room for constructive criticism, and I’m always listening to the consumer and seeing how I can get better and improve,” said Woods.

Even so, the brand owner felt that some of Williams’ comments were unnecessarily harsh.

“I will say, there is a way to be honest and real without bringing other people down or bringing other influencers into it,” Woods said. “Opinions are subjective until you’ve felt the material and you know. Some people are going to love it, and some people are not going to like it, and that’s just what it is with everything.”

Woods also mentioned how quickly things like this can spiral out of control online, citing multiple examples of people leaving negative comments about her clothing on her Instagram page, only for her support team to later investigate and discover that they’d never even purchased or tried on the dresses at all.

“This is a brand where I want the consumer to be able to grow with me, to keep continuing to provide quality and inclusivity,” Woods continued before reiterating that she will always be open to constructive criticism that can improve her product.

In a follow-up video, Woods also addressed some of Williams’ specific complaints, which included the dress stitching and quality of the mesh fabric.

Ultimately, Woods’ transparency won her points.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard a brand owner give such a great response in regards to a negative review,” wrote one person after watching her response. “I’m impressed.”

“You’re handling this better than I would have,” said someone else.

Another person called the response a “masterclass on how to turn criticism into feedback,” while someone else said that Woods’ attitude about the whole controversy was “absolutely amazing!”

“People act like the first launch is supposed to be flawless,” another person noted. “There’s always way to improve ESPECIALLY in a new business.”

Williams has since posted an apology video, though it mainly addresses a misconception she had about the brand’s return policy.

As for her initial review of the dresses, the style influencer doesn’t seem to be backing down from any of her claims.

“I do not support this brand. I do not support this price point,” Williams reiterated. “I’ve been doing this job for seven years, and I’ve never experienced mesh this low-quality from a high-end store.”

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