Fans Are Having a Meltdown After Iconic Ice Cream Treat Is Discontinued

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Another childhood classic gone too soon!

Ice cream lovers are melting down (literally) after the announcement of a nostalgic frozen treat's discontinuation.

On Monday, Klondike, which is owned by Unilever, revealed that the Choco Taco was discontinued in July after nearly four decades in production, due to an unprecedented spike in demand for different Klondike products over the past two years.

The beloved sweet dessert was comprised of light vanilla ice cream partially covered with milk chocolate and topped with peanuts, all wrapped up tight in a taco-shaped waffle cone.

The surprising news was met with despair by fans and frozen dairy consumers alike, who hastily (and hilariously) took to social media to express their grief.

On Tuesday, celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern shared his thoughts on the unexpected announcement. "This is insanity. Look at the Klondike portfolio and tell me you would discontinue what is arguably the best quiescently frozen dessert treat ever???," Zimmern responded to a tweet about the decision. "Get rid of the Cone Zone or the Cookies n' Cream sandwich instead! We need our Choco Tacos."

More upset celebrities followed, with Chrissy Teigen sharing her own reaction to her Instagram Story. "Everyone always takes this sh-- for granted when it's around. Never choosing it over a Snickers ice cream bar so that's what u get don't go crying now," the model and host amusingly wrote. "U never cared before. U don't deserve him!!!"

Co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, took to Twitter to share his own idea for how to keep the tasty treat on the market in the form of an impromptu business proposal. "Dear @Unilever — I'd like to buy the rights to your Choco Taco and keep it from melting away from future generations' childhoods," he offered.

The wave of unhappy responses didn't end there, as the internet continued to erupt with reactions to the disconcerting news from social media users far and wide.

An official Twitter account belonging to Mr. Owl—the face of the beloved Tootsie Roll brand—used their platform to send condolences to its fellow throwback snack. "RIP #ChocoTaco, not the start to taco Tuesday I was hoping for," Mr. Owl tweeted.

Famed author Stephen King offered his two cents on the situation, comically suggesting that this decision will cause a domino effect. "If Choco Tacos are gone, what’s next? Hershey Pies? Salt and vinegar potato chips? Baseball? AMERICAN DEMOCRACY?" he questioned, adding, "I tell you: this is how it starts."

One social media user expressed her frustration by posting a video meme that has since garnered over two million views on the platform. "Me finding out the choco taco is being discontinued even though i can’t remember the last time i had one," she tweeted.

According to NPR, the creation of the Choco Taco is attributed to Alan Drazen, who had the idea for the iconic treat in 1983.

This is likely the last thing the brand expected to go viral for, but after all this backlash, maybe it'll convince them to reconsider the decision? Choco Taco fanatics sure hope so!

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