Fans Are Furious At Manga Publisher Bushiroad Over AI Translation Plans

Ancient Magus Bride key art

Yesterday, Bushiroad made an announcement about the upcoming chapters of The Ancient Magus’ Bride manga that should have been good news — it was said to be releasing in English on day one alongside the Japanese version of the manga. Unfortunately, once the details became clear, fans quickly turned on Bushiroad.

On the official Twitter account for The Ancient Magus’ Bride, publisher Bushiroad announced in both English and Japanese that new chapters of the manga would be serialized in English simultaneously alongside the Japanese release. The Japanese version of the statement, however, revealed that the translation for the English release wasn’t being translated by humans, but instead would be AI-translated.

Curiously, the English part of the announcement made no mention of AI, which is a little bit suspicious honestly, but maybe it just slipped Bushiroad’s mind. The AI translation is being handled by a company called Mantra, which according to its website, also provides the technology for AI translation for Vietnamese versions of One Piece and Spy x Family.

Naturally, as is usually the case with AI nonsense, people are not happy about the announcement. The replies to the announcement tweet are filled with angry English-speakers denouncing the decision and vowing not to read it.

The overwhelming sentiment is that Bushiroad should be hiring actual translators, rather than what fans believe is the company skimping on costs. It comes at a time where animosity towards AI is already quite high, although it’s worth noting that the stigma surrounding it is much less severe in Japan compared to the West.

It’s also made some people concerned for the recently announced Hunter x Hunter fighting game, which is being developed by Marvel vs Capcom 3 developer Eighting but published by Bushiroad.

Seven Seas Entertainment, the English distributor for The Ancient Magus’ Bride, has yet to comment on the situation.

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