Jessica Simpson Poses In A High-Slit Belted Dress After The Controversy Over Her ‘Frail’ Appearance In Her Last Post

Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson
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This post was originally titled: Fans Are Even More Worried About Jessica Simpson After Her Latest Post: ‘Please Get The Help You Need’

Jessica Simpson just gave her fans a tour of her daughter Birdie’s bedroom on Instagram – but it wasn’t the room that got the most attention, as the comments section was full of remarks from fans who were hugely concerned about the 42-year-old mom-of-three’s “frail” and “sickly” appearance as well as her behavior!

Jessica Simpson And Pottery Barn Kids’ Instagram Post

The video, which was posted on Jessica’s Instagram page on November 3rd, as part of a sponsorship deal with Pottery Barn Kids, featured the “Party For One” singer showing her 6.1M followers her three-year-old daughter’s bedroom, which was decorated with items from the retailer.

Pottery Barn Kids shared the same post to its account, and captioned it: “I just really don’t think that there’s any risk you can’t take.” – @jessicasimpson. Take a sneak peek into the singer’s bold, playful room for 3-year-old daughter Birdie.”

Pottery Barn Kids Stirs Controversy

While some fans did indeed praise the room, with someone writing, “The room is so cute!” followed by four heart eyes emojis, and another fan saying, “Looks good! I love the room and the beds especially! Good job!” followed by a hand clapping emoji, almost all of the other comments were in relation to Jessica’s concerning behavior, which included slurred speech and seeming inability to focus. Her frail appearance, which makes fans believe she has lost a lot more than the 100-lbs she initially said she had lost, was also something that fans couldn’t help but comment on!

"Is she ok?" one concerned fan asked. "Please tell me I'm not the only one that hears her voice being totally slow... is she ok?!?!" asked another. "She can barely talk," someone else commented. "Great, we saved Britney and now we gotta save Jessica *sighs* hold on girl, we’re coming," quipped another fan. "Something is wrong here," noted another fan. "What is going on here. What’s wrong?" questioned another, followed by a crying emoji. "Please get the help you need before it's too late. This is TRAGIC. You have three beautiful children to live for," another pleaded.

The slurred speech was one thing that fans commented on, as was the fact that she was looking thinner than ever, with many fans calling her appearance "frail" and "sickly," among other things. "Frail and fragile. I hope she’s ok," one fan wrote, followed by a sad face emoji. "She’s looked anorexic for quite some time, it’s concerning. Yes she’s muscular but you can see her breast bones, spine and hip bones in other posts. I don’t think she’s heathy!" exclaimed one concerned fan.

"She looks like she’s on serious speed diet pills," claimed another, while another worried fan asked, "You ok girl? It’s giving sickly just making sure you’re ok I love you!" "Wow! She lost so much weight. I hope she is ok. She’s a beautiful lady," another supportive fan said. "Oh geez! I love Jess, but the frail look and those lips just don't mix," added another. "She does not look well. Her eyes are so sunken. Something is not right," stated another fan. "Is she on drugs? Slurred speech..." commented another fan. "This makes my heart hurt. She looks so sick," another concerned fan wrote, followed by a crying emoji. "

Jessica Responds To Criticism

Jessica's fans' concern was hard to ignore due to their remarks dominating the comments section of the Pottery Barn Kids post, so it didn’t take long for the singer, actress and fashion designer to see and respond to them! Although she didn’t mention the post or the criticism directly, it's more than obvious that the Instagram post she shared on November 7th was her way of responding.







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A post shared by Jessica Simpson (@jessicasimpson)

"I needed to be in my studio today because this is where I ground myself and heal," Jessica captioned a video of herself singing in her studio, before going on to reference "people's comments" and "judgements" that "hurt deeply." "As much as I have learned to block out destructive noise… people’s comments and judgements can still hurt deeply with their incessant nagging 'you will never be good enough,'" she continued. "The most important thing I have learned through the last 5 yrs without alcohol being a guard for escapism, is that I CAN and ALWAYS WILL get through it. I am capable of pretty much anything I care enough about to put my mind to. I am present. I am deeply inspired. I am determined. I am honest. I care about other people."

Jessica went on to say that she feels "compassion for the opinionated hate that some people can so effortlessly just blurt out with such intensity on social media or in the media in general," adding: "We all have our days of wanting to be, look, do, and feel better. Nobody is alone with that feelin’, that I can promise you. I woke up at the same time anxious and insecure but also angry and defensive—like some of you. I know what works for me and that is to let go and simply sing while lookin directly inside the mirror, straight in my eyes to really see and understand myself. I can connect with my heartbeat. I am stable and strong. I am home." Jessica ended her post by saying: "Nothin' and nobody will rob me of my joy. Ya might come close but it is mine to own. Yours should be too."

100-Lb Weight Loss And Sobriety

Jessica has been on a huge weight loss and sobriety journey over the past few years. She opened up about her addiction struggles in her 2020 memoir, Open Book, saying she was "killing" herself with pills and alcohol, but has now been five years sober, as mentioned in her Instagram post above. She also hasn’t been shy about talking about her incredible weight loss journey, which she embarked on in 2019 after the birth of her daughter Birdie, telling Extra's Terri Seymour back in September that the biggest factor was changing her diet, saying: "I went to a nutritionist, and I needed to get my eating habits right."


This post has been updated since it was originally published to include recent facts

Jessica Simpson Flashes Toned Legs In New Instagram Post

Jessica clearly isn’t letting the negativity surrounding her latest controversial post get her down – or prevent her from posting again – as she has returned to Instagram with a gorgeous picture that shows off the results of her 100-lb weight loss in a much more complimentary way!

On November 17th, Jessica shared a picture of herself posing with her mother Tina Ann Drew – which makes us think that good genes run in the family! – while wearing a stunning long-sleeved dress from her Jessica Simpson Collection, featuring a sexy thigh high slit that showed off her seemingly endless, toned, tanned pins perfectly. Jessica accessorized the dress with a chic black waist belt and cowboy boots, while her hair was worn in a sleek yet bouncy down do.







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A post shared by Jessica Simpson (@jessicasimpson)

Fans Praise Jessica's Style

The comments section was far more complimentary this time round, with fans praising everything from Jessica's style to her slimmed-down yet healthy-looking appearance, and more. "I love the way you styled this dress," praised one fan, followed by the fire emoji and red heart emoji. "That dress!" exclaimed another, followed by three fire emojis.

"Love the dress so much," another fan added, followed by the red heart emoji. The dress, as you can imagine, got a *lot* more love in the comments section, as did Jessica's hair! "Hair envy!" said another, followed by the heart eyes emoji. "You look gorgeous here Jessica," complimented another fan who was fond of every single part of the look, followed by the heart eyes emoji.