Fans Enhanced the Photo from 'Mare of Easttown' and I'm Pretty Sure It's [SPOILER]

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Hello, hi: this article contains theories and speculation that might turn out to be spoilers. Read at your own risk!

Not sure how we're all supposed to get through this week waiting for the Mare of Easttown finale, but clearly a plot twist is coming our way—and everything comes down to the photo Jess stole from Erin's diary. As a reminder, Jess gave Chief Carter said photo in the last minutes of Sunday's episode, and whatever he saw was so alarming that he needed to get Mare on the phone before she caught up with Billy and John Ross.

Unfortunately, the show didn't show us the photo in question (UGH WHYYYYY), but we did see the back of it—and Reddit went ahead and did its thing by enhancing and zooming in.

Kay, so who's in the pic? Some fans think the person on the left side of the photo is Erin, while a yet-to-be revealed person is that series of shapes on the right. But if you look closely at the figure on the left, it doesn't appear to be Erin. I, for one, see a v-neck pullover and pointy beard that has big John Ross energy. I also see a woman sleeping in the background. In other words, I'm 10/10 convinced this is a picture of John and Erin.

If this is John and Erin, it falls in line with the theory circulating among fans (and probably in your group chat) that John is actually the killer / father of Erin's baby, and that he's gaslighting his brother Billy into taking the blame for her murder. Plus, it makes sense that Chief Carter would be anxious to let Mare know about the picture of John (if it is him) before she arrives on-scene to potentially arrest the wrong man.

Just a theory, so hit the poll to let us know what you think!

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