Fans are Divided Over Jenna Ortega's 'Valid' Way to Eat a Kiwi

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No stranger to the spotlight, Jenna Ortega has had her social life under a microscope ever since her breakout performance as Wednesday Adams in the Netflix’s hit series, Wednesday. Ortega has since captured the hearts and attention of fans worldwide while simultaneously landing brand deals with adidas Originals and Dior in the process. Having experienced some success as a child actress, Ortega seems to handle the spotlight very well, even when the most monotonous parts of her life are examined and picked apart.

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In a recent video posted to Rolling Stone's Instagram account, Ortega can be seen sitting while enjoying a fresh kiwi as a snack with a caption that read, “Eating kiwi with the skin on. Valid or not?” You may be wondering to yourself, slow news day? Perhaps, but it does beg the question as to whether there is a right or wrong way to eat a kiwi. And judging by the comment section, the responses yield a mixed bag of support, disgust and the familiar healthy dose of good ol’ fashioned hate.

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“Cut in half and scoop with a spoon is the only way,” one user confidently responded, to which a supporter of kiwi skin rebutted, “Always eat them with the skin. Why waste the time and fiber?”

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From a health standpoint, kiwi skin is rich in vitamin E, meaning it will boost your immune system and help your body fight off infections. So while the video of Ortega may have confused some people as to what was so newsworthy about the way the actress eats her kiwis, it really acted as a forum for people to discuss the pros and cons of eating kiwi skin.

So while you may have gone to the Rolling Stone Instagram to learn something new about music, what you got instead was a quick discussion on the health benefits of kiwis. In the end, there is no wrong way to eat a kiwi, and doing what makes you happy is what's most important in life. Take Ortega in this video for example, enjoying her kiwi without a care in the world visible on her face.

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