Fans Call Out 'Misleading' Final 'Jeopardy' Clue That Left 3 Contestants Confused

Jeopardy fans are calling out the game show after last night's episode.

The final clue on the May 1 episode of the quiz competition game show left all three contestants stumped as they got the answer wrong, and fans are calling it 'misleading.'

Mayim Bialik read the final clue under the category "18th-century literature," which stated, "The first name of this title character is from Hebrew for "devoted to God"; his last name suggests he can be easily duped."

The first contestant revealed his answer to be, "Who is Candide?" to which Bialik stated, "Unfortunately that is not correct." She moved on to the next contestant who wrote down, "Who is Jude Obscure?" But she, too, was incorrect. The last contestant seemingly knew he was wrong when he laughed while Bialik read his answer: "Who is Simple Simon?"

The host stated that the "correct response" was, "Who is Gulliver, Lemuel Gulliver from Swift's Gulliver's Travels."

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Many fans didn't seem too happy with the clue as they took to the comments to express their opinions.

"I believe this clue was misleading. It led one to believe the answer was a person with two names," one viewer of the game show tweeted.

"I tried to think of names with "El" and then tried to remember if there were any books about people named Elijah... forgot about Lemuel," another fan who was also stumped by the clue wrote.

"Terrible clue!" another user tweeted.

While some fans were left clueless just like the contestants, others seemed to get the answer right, with one fan tweeting, "Super proud that I got this right especially considering none of the contestants did."

"Got it swiftly," another proud viewer tweeted of their correct answer.

One user even thought it was "strange" that all of the contestants got the answer wrong, writing, "This was a strange one, im surprised they all missed it. 'Easily duped' sent my mind straight to 'gullible', and even not being certain of the first name part, the correct answer should've at least been a guess for one of them."

Guess you can't have them all!

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