Fans Call Kelly Clarkson's Take on Paramore Song Her 'Best' Cover Ever

Kelly Clarkson blew fans away with her latest cover of the 2009 hit "The Only Exception" by Paramore.

During a recent episode of the pop star's talk show, Clarkson, 41, took the stage for another one of her "Kellyoke" segments, which has her cover a song—sometimes with the help of one of her guests—in an intimate performance for the studio audience.

And while fans have grown used to the singer surprising them with her vocal range and capabilities, few seemed prepared to handle the passion and poise she presented while belting the ballad.

"Kelly's voice is at its best ever," one YouTuber gushed. "This is one of the best Kellyoke ever," someone else cheered.

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"This transported me to school days which is memorable and Kelly nailed the song of Paramore," another admitted.

And as some of her most loyal followers pointed out, this isn't the first time Clarkson has covered the alt-rock artists, but they say it's her best. "100% better than her 2012 version! Her voice nowadays is beyond everything," a top comment read.

The love didn't stop there. Shortly after the episode aired on Thursday, fans took to Twitter to get people hyped on the performance, sharing the clip and calling her performance "perfect."

While Clarkson's rendition of the song certainly won over fans of both artists, social media's obsession with it may have also bought her time from listeners that are anxiously anticipating the drop of her upcoming album—and the first since her very public divorce from Brandon BlackstockChemistry, due out this June.

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