Fans Call John Lewis's 2022 Christmas Commercial the Most Powerful One Ever

john lewis 2022 christmas advert
John Lewis Christmas advert 2022: Watch the adJohn Lewis

It's the one we've all been waiting for!

A sure sign that Christmas is here, John Lewis has dropped their new advert for 2022 named 'The Beginner'.

This year's song that has got the John Lewis treatment is the Blink-182 classic 'All The Small Things' sung by US artist Mike Geier.

john lewis 2022 christmas advert
John Lewis

The advert starts with a middle-aged man trying to learn how to skateboard, but things don't work out too well.

After numerous attempts and some pretty bad injuries, he perseveres, heading down to the local skatepark, practicing at work and watching YouTube videos.

As he's at home preparing dinner with his wife, the doorbell rings. They answer it to a social worker standing with foster child Ellie, who is clutching a skateboard.

After she spots his board propped up in the hall, he shows her his injured arm and says he skates a bit too.

The ad ends by saying: "Over 108,000 children in the UK are in the care system. "We’re making a long-term commitment to support the futures of young people from care." This year's advert is more cost-conscious than some of the previous offerings.

Customers will also be able to buy products from the ad, including the skateboard, with 25% of the sales sent to the two charities the retail giant is working with, Action for Children and Who Cares? Scotland.

John Lewis director of customer Claire Pointon said: "We are fortunate to have a truly unique platform in our Christmas ad, which sparks a national conversation.

"At John Lewis we care deeply about families, and recognize that they come in many different forms.

"For our biggest moment this year, we decided to focus on one kind of family that is often overlooked."

She added: "We are also aware that not all care experience outcomes are as positive as Ellie’s.

"The home Ellie enters is filled with kindness, and the foster father’s actions demonstrate that ultimately, it’s what you do that matters most."

Fans have been particularly moved by the ad. "As someone who’s been in the care system myself as a child, this really feels close to home. And it did make me shared a tear, that how I know it’s a John Lewis advert. And it does make you think about how powerful adverts can be, even if they are simple and basic," one person wrote on YouTube. "Actually found it very moving. Got it right and well done for raising the issue of the importance of looking after those children who need help. It is our job as a society to protect and help them. Well done John Lewis," another said.

We totally agree.

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