Fans Call Jason Kelce the 'Best Dad Ever' After He Unveils Glittery Halloween Costume

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Jason Kelce

Jason Kelce may not have won Halloween with his Disney-inspired costume this year, but fans are still awarding him with an honorable title for the getup: "best dad ever."

The Eagles center unveiled the look on the Nov. 1 episode of New Heights, the podcast he shares with brother Travis Kelce. While fans were disappointed to find that the Kansas City tight end neglected to dress up after talking up a big game, Jason's sweet Little Mermaid costume more than made up for it.

In a teaser clip from the episode uploaded to YouTube, Travis catches sight of his brother's glittering shirt, asking, “Jason, are those scales? What the f--k are you?”

“King Triton,” Jason replied in a deadpan, further confusing his brother.

“King Triton?” Travis repeated.

“From Little Mermaid?” Jason hedged, and it finally clicked.

“Oh, nice, nice, yeah—you're Aquaman,” he joked.

Jason then offered to model the complete ‘fit, standing up to show off the full shirt made of gold metallic medallions paired with too-small blue mermaid scale leggings that featured flippers sewn on along the edge of his calves.

“Ohhhhh my gosh,” Travis laughed. “The best costumes are the ones that don’t fit, like just a little bit.

Jason acted stunned to hear that it wasn’t properly sized before readjusting the waistband to cover his stomach, causing his brother to snort in response before pointing out his visible belly button.

“I don’t remember King Trident's belly button showing.”

“Oh, well you must not remember the movie,” Jason clapped back before admitting that his brother was right.

“Ahh man, Halloween at the Kelces’, man," Travis muttered fondly before the preview cut out. "F--k. Never gets old.”

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While one dubbed the Eagles player "a maniac" over the bit, most couldn't help but fawn over the outfit they assume was worn at the behest of his daughters, 4-year-old Wyatt2-year-old Elliotte, and 8-month-old Bennett.

"I bet his daughters loved it," one comment wrote, while another agreed, "He loves his daughters. What a DAD."

"I love him.. best dad ever…" another agreed, with someone else admiring his "total absence of insecurity" in the process.

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