Fans Are Blown Away By Carrie Underwood’s Performance Of ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ In Denim Short-Shorts

Carrie Underwood proved once again that her live vocals are incredible and that her country chic concert style reigns supreme. Last week, the “Ghost Story” singer, 40, treated fans in Los Angeles to a live rendition of the 1987 Guns N’ Roses classic “Welcome To The Jungle” with none other than the band’s frontman, Axl Rose himself!

As the “Hate My Heart” crooner and rock icon, 61, wowed concertgoers at the Arena, Underwood also rocked a glittery, edgy and leg-baring look that we can’t get enough of.

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Carrie Underwood Flaunts Her Sculpted Legs In Black Chained Shorts & Cowgirl Boots

The American Idol winner’s outfit was composed of a shimmering silver tank top, a cropped leather jacket, black, thigh-skimming short-shorts with shiny chains on the sides of her hips, and her signature knee-high cowgirl boots in white. The hemline of the shorts helped show off Underwood’s sculpted thighs and toned legs.

To accessorize her latest concert get-up, Underwood added a glimmering silver statement necklace and a thick black belt around her tiny waist. She wore her long blonde tresses down, parted to the side and styled into loose waves while singing and dancing with Rose onstage.

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The Grammy winner uploaded a photo collection from her latest duet with rose in an Instagram post for her 12.3 million followers. Underwood sweetly wrote in her caption, “I’m the luckiest girl in the world… Thanks, Axl, for showing up, once again, to make the great times even better! It’ll forever feel like it was all a dream, but these dreams are my favorite ones!”

As many fans can recall, Underwood and Rose have performed together several times, and the mom of two is a longtime Guns N’ Roses fan. Underwood frequently covers “Welcome To The Jungle” for her Denim & Rhinestones tour shows, making Rose’s surprise appearance at the LA concert even more special.


“Los Angeles… I wanna hear you make some noise for Axl Rose,” Underwood said while announcing his arrival to the crowd. As seen in fan-shot footage, her band then began playing the opening notes of the anthem before the two musicians sang the lines and strutted to the beat together.

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Fan Reactions To Underwood’s Outfit & Her Surprise Duet With Rose

Naturally, fans were in awe of not only Underwood’s vocal talents and ability to harmonize with Rose, but also her epic concert style and physique! She garnered thousands of likes and comments from fans for her post.

“Still the best legs on planet Earth!” one user wrote as another added, “She looks freaking amazing!” with heart-eyes emojis. Someone else chimed in, writing, “She did NOT skip leg day,” as one other replied, “love the black shorts!”


One user commented, “Axl Rose? Flat out awesome!” as another asked the question we’re all dying to find the answer to, “Where is Carrie’s leg workout video?” (No, really!)