Fans Applaud Andy Cohen's Model Parenting While Dealing with Son's Questionable Breakfast Choice

Andy Cohen's fans and friends are applauding him for teaching his son Ben why it's important to eat a healthy breakfast.

On Aug. 30, the Watch What Happens Live host shared a video on Instagram of himself driving while explaining to his 4-year-old son why it's a bad idea to eat chocolate for breakfast.

"Why do you feel sick this morning? Because you woke up and ate 7 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups out of the freezer, didn't you?" said the dad. He asked his child, "Do you think maybe that gave you a stomach ache?"

Ben is heard softly saying off-camera, "Yeah." Cohen added, "Maybe that gave you a stomach ache, yeah."

Ben then said, "I had a lot." The 55-year-old agreed, saying, "You did have a lot." He then questioned his kid, "Was that the right thing to have for breakfast, do you think, if it gave you such a tummy ache?"

The TV personality added, "Maybe Reese's aren't the thing to eat for breakfast."

The child accepted his dad's assessment of the situation, confirming, "Maybe I shouldn't have picked them, but I thought of them so I picked them. I shouldn't have. I shouldn't have think of that, because that would make me sick."

Cohen captioned the clip, "Learning about repercussions. And what IS breakfast anyway???? An evolving conversation I’m having with Ben…."

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"I love the way you parent. I swear. You're the BEST!!!!! gentle loving kind and rather than telling him where he messed up, you prompt him and let him make his own decisions. You're killing it as a dad brother," commented a fan.

Another wrote, "You're such a good dad. I love the way you encourage him to reach his own conclusions instead of just scolding him. So darn cute!"

However, some adults could relate to Ben's struggles.

Vanderpump Rules star Katie Maloney commented, "Ben is the most relatable person on instagram I've decided." Soap opera star Finola Hughes agreed, writing, "It can happen to the best of us…" Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos' son Michael approved of the questionable breakfast, joking, "The breakfast of champions 🙌."

Besides Ben, Cohen also recently welcomed daughter Lucy in 2022.

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