Fancy Hotel Room Service Revealed to be Frozen Trader Joe's Meal

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When ordering room service at a hotel, you're probably expecting some grade-A meals prepared by an acclaimed chef and their team in the kitchen. That's what Elle McLemore was expecting when she and her husband checked in to a hotel to celebrate his birthday. They decided to splurge on some dinner sent to their room, but when McLemore bit into her cacio e pepe, it tasted awfully familiar.

The next day, the Grease: Live actress' husband, celebrity tennis coach Josh Levinson, found out that the dishes they ordered weren't carefully crafted creations, but warmed-up frozen meals from Trader Joe's. "When you accidentally find out your expensive room service is from Trader Joe's,"she captioned the video, quipping she "thought it tasted familiar."

McLemore explained how she found out what she was eating in an interview with People.

"My husband Josh went to grab us some things for breakfast,” she recounted. "He went to look for almond milk for my coffee in the refrigerator next to the buffet and that’s when he made the discovery of all the prepackaged foods."

People in the comments of her video were upset for her and said they wouldn't have stood for such a scam; after all, Trader Joe's cacio e pepe sells for around $3.95 and the couple paid $20 for the plate. For their part, McLemore and Levinson thought it was "hilarious," though McLemore noted that they were indeed lied to by the unnamed hotel.

"It was my husband’s birthday dinner,” she said. "We came here because we were looking for a peaceful and unique experience, and booked it because their website said they have a private chef who makes culinary meals that cater to dietary needs."

If your room doesn't have a hot plate or stove, then Trader Joe's food can probably be considered a hard-to-acquire meal.