Famous dog mom gives honest rankings of the celebrities she's met

Leslie Mosier has met quite a few big stars. Her son, Doug the Pug, is one of the most popular influencer pups out there. However, not every celeb that Doug and Mosier have met has been particularly kind. In a TikTok posted on Oct. 14, Mosier spilled the tea on some of the actors and musicians they’ve hung out with. According to Mosier, 18-year-old Eilish was “so down to Earth” and “sweet.” She gave the “Bad Guy” singer a 10/10!. Former “Dance Moms” star JoJo Siwa also got a 10/10 from Mosier. According to the dog mom, Siwa was “sweet” and “humble” . “Riverdale” star Cole Sprouse actually outranked everyone else with an 11/10. Mosier noted that he was the “coolest, nicest, smartest, sweetest to Doug people” . Mosier gave Netflix star Noah Centineo a measly 4/10, noting that he “said some rude things” during their encounter and just “wasn’t very nice”. Pop sensation Demi Lovato scored an 11/10. Apparently Doug and Mosier got to go to her house (!!) and she was “so nice”