Family Surfing the Internet Miraculously Finds Dog They Lost 5 Years Ago

Here's a story that will absolutely make you believe in miracles. A shelter worker was on her shelter's website when her husband glanced up and thought he recognized one of the dogs they had available for adoption. A dog that was lost to his family five years ago. They immediately went to the shelter to meet the pup and what happens next is just incredible.

Check out the amazing video posted by TikTok user @arielle.thompson of this touching reunion of a man and the dog he thought that was lost to his family forever.

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This is just so wonderful! Our hearts can't take it when they show the video of the pup to mom in the hospital! @Lea comments, "This is amazing!!! The universe brought them back together and at the best time." @Cool beans adds, "My HEART!! Good things happen.That baby is so glad to finally be back to her family." @Em adds, "Poor thing!!! Glad she found her way back to her family." @Nvader adds, "I hope to see when she’s home from the hospital with this dog!!!" With a really great idea, @Lizz says, "You can usually get permission to bring a well mannered and clean dog to visit in the hospital—worth a try!" @Stitchen agrees with, "If she's pretty well behaved/bathed, or you can carry her, if you call the hospital and ask, it's likely they'll allow the pup to meet her."

We would love to see that reunion! People are demanding a part two of this story so be sure to follow along and if we get one we will update you!

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