Family Shares Emotional Moment They Found Their Missing Huskies After Nonstop Searching

It's hard to imagine their relief!

The moment a pet goes missing is a horror unlike anything else, but the moment they're found safe and sound makes it all worthwhile. Just ask dog mom and TikTok user @aman_duhh_. After their two Huskies went missing overnight, she and her family found the dogs happy and healthy nearby.

We could practically feel the relief in her now-popular video from the moment her pups were found. There was nothing more important to her than reuniting with her fur babies!

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We're simply thrilled that Amanda's dogs are home safe and sound! She must've been so worried about them, especially overnight in the winter.

"The good news is that they didn’t suffer overnight," said commenter @ilanayael. "A Texas winter is not cold for them. They are bred for the arctic." That's very true! Still, not all pups are created equal.

As Amanda shared, "That was our thoughts but the smaller husky is such a princess. She only sleeps on my BF's old blankets so we knew she would be miserable." Aww, poor girl! That's super cute how much she loves her dad's blankets, but we hope she wasn't too uncomfy during her night in the wild. She's probably just as glad to be home as her mom is to have her!

"People who have not been through this have no clue how emotional it is. So happy for you!!" shared @chilepleez. It's such a moving moment! If we're holding back tears just watching the video, we can't imagine what Amanda and her boyfriend must've been feeling. The good new is--it's over now!

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