Family gets scare of a lifetime when roller coaster comes to complete stop: ‘One of my biggest fears’

A family got the scare of a lifetime when they got stuck on a roller coaster mid-ride.

TikToker Morgan Scott shared footage of the chilling incident on the coaster. Scott, her son, nephew and sister-in-law were on the Tennessee Tornado coaster at Dollywood when the ride stopped in its literal tracks. The foursome was left stranded in their seats at the very height of the incline, which has a 128-foot drop at 70 mph.

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“This is not how I saw my Dollywood trip going,” Scott said. “We are literally stuck on a roller coaster in midair. It’s terrifying. No telling how long we’re going to be here, but it’s a little scary.”

Scott explained that at one point, an overhead speaker claimed someone was going to retrieve them. But the “scariest part” was after that, when no one came, and the coaster “started up” again after making a loud bang.

Eventually, the passengers safely got off the ride, but they didn’t receive any compensation for the inconvenience.

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“Glad the ride computer stopped you on the lift hill to prevent an accident. This is normal. I’ve worked in theme parks for 10 years,” a user said.

Scott replied, “I’m all for the safety, but them telling us they are coming to get us [and] then starting the ride back up was scary!”

The video racked up over 3.3 million views on TikTok. Most people agreed that they would have been just as scared.

“I would be freaking out. One of my biggest fears,” someone wrote.

“Of all rides, the Tennessee Tornado is probably the most terrifying to be stuck on. New fear unlocked,” another said.

“I would not be that chill. I’d be crying,” a person commented.

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