'Family Feud' Fans Have Questions After Steve Harvey Loses It During the Show

Selena Barrientos
·2 mins read

From Woman's Day

Steve Harvey has heard it all on Family Feud — well, almost.

In a recent round of the game show, the host asked the Mitchell and Schmidt families to “name a kind of glass you can fit one of your breasts into.” Although Luke from the Schmidt family hit the red buzzer first, it was Kathy from the Mitchell family who won the round with the top answer “wine glass.”

When it was time for the rest of Kathy’s family to give their individual guesses, it was hit-or-miss. But one answer stood out from the rest. With two strikes already on the big board, it was Willie’s turn. Unfortunately, Steve didn’t have much faith in him.

According to the Facebook Watch star, Willie is “a really educated man” in nuclear physics. “This ain’t really down your alley at all, so this is gonna be a really good answer,” Steve said. Despite this, Willie answered without hesitation and said, “shot glass.”

While the audience cheered and applauded, Steve burst into laughter, so much so that he had to walk around the stage to get a hold of himself. “A shot … Oh, that’s so good,” Steve finally said. It turned out that "shot glass" was, in fact, on the big board as the fifth top answer.

In the end, the Mitchell family got three strikes and didn’t win the round, but Family Feud fans at home got a good laugh from the YouTube clip. “The way Steve Harvey reacted to Willie's shot glass answer. This is priceless!” one person wrote in the comments section. “A shot glass? 😂😂😂,” another added. “How in the h--l does it fit in [a] shot glass!!” a different fan wondered.

Well, Steve and everyone else definitely didn’t expect that answer.

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