'Family Feud' Contestant “Scares the Life” Out of Steve Harvey During Fast Money Round

Kayla Keegan

From Good Housekeeping

  • Family Feud host Steve Harvey could not handle a contestant's answer during a recent Fast Money round.

  • Jeremy from the Tirres family had to come up with a response to the question, "how long after a vasectomy can a man make whoopee again?"

  • Watch the video to see Jeremy's response ... and, of course, Steve's reaction.

Family Feud just keeps getting more and more hilarious.

In a YouTube video posted to the popular game show's page, a contestant named Jeremy from the Tirres family "scared the life" out of host Steve Harvey during one particularly wild Fast Money round.

It all started when Steve had to ask Jeremy a rather awkward rapid-fire question: "How long after a vasectomy can a man make whoopee again?"

Though Steve didn't react when Jeremy immediately replied "one year," he went off on the contestant when it was time to review all of the Fast Money answers. Jeremy tried to justify his response, but Steve kept on poking fun at the contestant.

"I haven't experienced [a vasectomy] either," Steve told Jeremy as the audience laughed. "But you just cut out any chance of me looking into it."

Moments later, Steve shouted at the board, "A YEAR ... You could go to prison and get out!"

Sadly, Jeremy didn't earn any points for his answer — the number one response on the board was one week. Even still, Jeremy ended up scoring an impressive 96 points for his family.

Turns out, even the folks watching the Fast Money round on YouTube found the vasectomy question to be tricky. "The first question was hard," one fan declared in the comment section. "Yea [the question] was worded wrong. It should have said 'how long do you have to wait to make whoopee?'" another lamented.

But difficult question or not, what really made the video worth watching was Steve's comical reaction. We've said it before and we'll say it again: Family Feud is 10 times more fun with Steve at the helm.

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