Family of Famous 'Squirrel Detective' Dog Gives an Unfortunate Update on Her Condition

One of our all time favorite TikTok doggos is Buttons, the retired squirrel detective that belongs to TikTok user @Iam_buttons.

Buttons, who is a very old girl at age 14, had to sped the night in the ER in an oxygen tank and everyone is so worried about this sweet girl.

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It's so amazingly hard when your dog is nearing the end of their life and we can't imagine what her owner is going through. TikTok users are heartbroken over this and @None comments, "The anticipatory grief is heart shattering. I cry for my dog every day after almost two years. We pay a high price for all the love and happiness." @Nic replies, "It sounds like she’s ready to cross the rainbow bridge. You’ve done such a good job of letting her know she’s loved." @Fugly adds, "Buttons has lived a great life with a loving owner. Sometimes the hardest decision is the humane one, and it shows how much you care."

In another video Button's owner says they have made an appointment with an at-home euthanasia service.

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Button's owner posted another video of her and she is making progress.

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It's so heartening that Buttons is at least eating and coughing less. TikTok users agree and @Steve replies, "I've been seeing older posts and felt bad knowing how she was. This was a great surprise this morning. Hope this keeps going." @Shelb adds, "Buttons is amazing! Keep at it girl! She’s not ready to go yet, little fighter."

We are rooting for you sweet Buttons!

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