The Facial in a Box Used by Drew Barrymore Is Strange and Kind of Alarming — but Totally Effective

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Kim and Kourtney Kardashian are also fans.

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Often, things get worse before they get better. For me, this has proven true in many beauty-centric scenarios. Take, for instance, the laser facial that crusted my skin in a zillion scabs; or my first rendezvous with lip filler, which left me swollen, lopsided, and sure I’d destined myself to live like Quasimodo forevermore. The scabs healed, the swelling subsided, and, in retrospect, the alarming interludes proved well worth the results.

Similarly — albeit much more predictably — the at-home, facial-in-a-box, Hanacure, proves unflattering mid-treatment, yet appealing in its end result, after 20 minutes. Drew Barrymore, Brooklyn Decker, and Kim and Kourtney Kardashian have all tried Hanacure, as evidenced by strange, mid-treatment selfies they’ve each posted over the years.

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The Hanacure All-In-One Facial is an at-home, skin-tightening mask that lifts, firms, and calms redness — all within a single, 20-minute treatment. Applied as a clear gel, the product rapidly hardens as it dries, tugging skin taut as it transforms from a thick liquid to papier mâché-like solid. This drying process warps skin, giving its wearer a look reminiscent of E.T., and a stagnant, superglue feel that makes laughing — despite Hanacure’s hilarious effect — exceedingly difficult.   

Drew Barrymore is particularly fond of the facial. The actor has posted mid-treatment photos on two separate occasions, each time singing Hanacure’s praises in the caption below. In the more recent post, she says “I swear by it,” calling it “a professional level treatment at home.” 

Despite its strange visual allure, Hanacure is more than a gimmick manufactured for social media. The product contains real skincare ingredients, including beta glucan for redness relief, copper peptides for collagen proliferation, among others that lift and firm skin both instantly and over time. 

I’ve used Hanacure a handful of times, usually in advance of special occasions, as my fast track for lifted-looking skin. Like the aforementioned celebrities, I, too, have snapped selfies of my shriveled skin — though, unlike Barrymore, my images will remain forever shrouded, save for when I need a good giggle. Immediately after my Hanacure facial, however? I’m ready for my closeup.

Shop Drew Barrymore’s buzzy at-home treatment, the Hanacure All-In-One Facial. It’s truly a skincare treatment unlike any more ways than one.

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