Extremely Rare Sea Creature Spotted in UK Rock Pool Is Fascinating

While UK-native Vicky Barlow explored the rock pools at Falmouth, South Cornwall, notes BBC, she came across an incredibly rare sea creature. Now, marine biologists and social media users around the globe are being left in awe. Just wait until you see the beautiful marine animal!

Vicky's sighting of a rainbow sea slug is only the third sighting of this animal in the UK, where the water is usually too cold to support this species. Needless to say, this rare find has folks wondering if sightings will become more frequent.

Wow! We were skeptical when we heard the name 'rainbow sea slug,' since that honestly sounds too good to be true. Sure enough, though--these marine animals are just as real as any other. They're just incredibly beautiful and rare!

"There have been a handful of sightings by divers and snorkelers since but, as far as we can tell, this is the first time this species has been found by a rock pooler in the UK," marine biologist Dr. Ben Holt of the Rock Pool Project told BBC.

Typically, these invertebrates can be found in warmer waters near France, Spain, and Portugal. However, the first-ever sighting of this colorful creature in the United Kingdom was in 2022 off the coast of The Isles of Sicily.  So when officials say that this animal is rare--they mean it!

As Dr. Holt mentioned, these rainbow sea slug sightings coincide with "a pattern of 'massive changes' in sea life seen around the South West over the last five years." Unsurprisingly, marine biologists are expecting to see more and more of these colorful animals in the future. Maybe one day they won't be so rare in the UK.

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