Exclusive! Watch the Shocking Return of Team Kelly's 'The Voice' Former Fan Favorite

The trio Sheer Elements found a loophole in 'The Voice' rules.

Night two of The Voice auditions continues with another trio showing up for the Blind Auditions, following the Monday night success of Sorellé, which landed on Team Chance the Rapper. It’s looking as if the win by Girl Named Tom from Team Kelly Clarkson in Season 21 has opened the door for more groups to audition.

However, the shocker was the return of Jej Vinson, who was also on Kelly’s team in Season 16 of The Voice. He made it to the Live Shows, being eliminated just before the Top 8. There’s a rule on The Voice. Artists who make the Live Shows aren’t eligible to return, but it's obvious that Jej found a loophole.

By not coming back as a solo act, but rather a trio, he was able to appear before the judges for the Blind Auditions as part of Sheer Element, along with Tabon Ward and Izzy Kaye, one more time. Their performance of "Leave the Door Open" by Bruno Mars and Anderson.Paak of Silk Sonic earned them a three-chair turn.

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When she saw him, Kelly indicated her surprise, and then had to explain the situation to her fellow coaches, who are hoping that her previous relationship with Jej won’t affect the outcome.

“The reason I turned is because you made me feel,” Niall Horan told the Sheer Element. “When you hear heart harmonies done to that standard and it makes you feel deep down in a massive song like that, I would like it if you would come with me.”

Then Chance said, “I didn’t know what was going on until I turned around and it was the three of you on stage. You can tell the three of you have done this for a while the sound was so tight. The overall presentation was insane. I was never in a band but, obviously, I know a lot about 3s [the number that’s on the hat he wears]. I have also produced music for several different groups and I can see exactly where you guys can go with your style, with your aesthetic, and with you guys as a group, so if you want to win, come get down with Team Chance.”

Then Kelly spoke. She said, "You are incredible. I already love Jej’s voice. You are so incredibly tight and you know your vibe. You are not picking a coach to teach you anything about that. You’re picking a coach for song selection and that’s really key.”

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So, will Sheer Element go with Kelly, or perhaps they will pick Niall, because he is a man who understands harmonies from his years singing them as part of One Direction.

“I’ve been in a group,” he said modestly. And then added, “My favorite groups of all time are The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and Boyz II Men. I feel we could work very well together.”

Then Chance tried the “I turned my chair first pitch,” saying, “I just want to remind you guys, they did not turn around super-fast at all. I think you guys are going to be super great as individual singers because you can hear each of your tones coming through even with the harmonies. With the right song choice, it’s really going to show how strong you guys are as a unit.”

Tune in to The Voice Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC to see the decision the group made as to which team to join.

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