EXCLUSIVE: Saul Nash Designs Limited Capsule Collection for Mercedes-Benz and SK Gaming

LONDON Fashion is a game that British fashion designer Saul Nash is pacing through.

The winner of the 2022 International Woolmark Prize and recipient of this year’s Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design is teaming up with Mercedes-Benz and SK Gaming on a limited capsule collection that will be presented at the 25th anniversary event of SK Gaming taking place on Wednesday in Cologne, Germany.

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Nash has designed two pieces: a black long-sleeve compression shirt dubbed The Digital Gradient Top with thumb loops and a half-zip on the high-closing collar, and a reversible sport-style jacket with a lilac-blue mesh pattern made from recycled polyester on the inside called The Dashboard Jacket, featuring brand logos of both partners on the back.

The garments are priced starting at 89 euros and will be available for preorder with customers receiving them in 2023.

keita The Dashboard Jacket
The Dashboard Jacket from Saul Nash’s capsule collection for Mercedes-Benz and SK Gaming.

“This project was an exciting space to explore three worlds that at first instance may not fit together. But the beauty of gaming is that anything is possible as there are infinite possibilities. It was inspiring to create garments through the lens of Esports, marrying this with the sleek design and exquisite heritage of Mercedes-Benz, whilst envisioning this in the world of movement that I’m grounded in,” Nash said.

“With performancewear grounded so much in movement, the question was how we could bring gaming, which is often a static sport, to life through movement,” he added.

Nash worked on a special choreography for the social media campaign featuring dancers and content creators Georgia “Troubleinc” Paraskevopoulou, Lukas “Mango” Schändel and Niklas “NiklasNeo” Noerenberg.

Mercedes-Benz became the first car manufacturer to invest in an Esports team in 2019.

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