Exclusive: Hallmark's You Had Me at Aloha Sneak Peek

Break out your best floral pajamas, maybe a lei or a flower crown, and a tropical cocktail and get ready for You Had Me at Aloha.

Video Transcript

- Yeah. Oh, [MUMBLING] Whoa!

- So how's that chillin' thing working out for you?

- Oh, yeah, uh, never felt more relaxed.

- Oh yeah, I can tell. Face it. You would rather be doing schedules with Milly?

- (SCOFFS) No way. OK, I find doing scheduling very relaxing. What's wrong with me?

- Relaxing and having fun are like muscles. If you don't use them, they're going to atrophy.

- What are you, like a personal trainer for goofing off?

- (MIFFED) Yes. Yes I am. I like the sound of that. Put that on a business card.

- OK.

- Aren't you glad you hired me? You're not going to get that from Todd, that's for sure. He's way too boring.

- No, he's isn't.

- (SHRUGS) Yes he is. I worked with him for a year, remember? So boring.

- Well, I find him very interesting.

- Name one interesting conversation you had with Todd Harper. Go.

- Oh, well, we-- we talked about clothes. He knows a lot about clothes. He could-- yeah, he could talk forever about waterproof-- jackets, and-- i-- it was fascinating.

- I just about fell asleep listening to you talk about that conversation. I can't imagine actually having that conversation.

- OK.