EXCLUSIVE: Gucci and A Magazine Curated By Look to the Future With 2022 Calendar

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NEW YEAR’S PRINT RESOLUTION: Celebrations of Gucci’s 100th anniversary will continue in 2022, thanks to the Dec. 14 release of “Futura Proxima curated for Gucci,” a special print project from the team behind A Magazine Curated By in partnership with the Italian brand.

For the 132-page issue, the A Magazine team’s approach takes the form of a calendar with 12 artists, one for each month, invited to give a speculative glimpse into the future.

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“When we spoke to the team at Gucci about celebrating the anniversary, we discussed the idea of looking forward instead of looking backward, [with] very diverse visions of what the next 100 years could look like, from artistic and scientific perspectives,” A Magazine’s editor in chief Dan Thawley told WWD.

As a nod to calendar formats, birthstones, flowers and a 12-language repetition of each month’s name will rhythm the spiral-bound tome, which was designed by Paris-based design studio Ohlman Consorti.

The quilted polo shirt by Simon Denny for “Proxima Futura curated for Gucci.” - Credit: Courtesy of A Magazine
The quilted polo shirt by Simon Denny for “Proxima Futura curated for Gucci.” - Credit: Courtesy of A Magazine

Courtesy of A Magazine

Blending existing and commissioned projects, the issue opens with an essay by philosopher Emanuele Coccia about the molecular connection between light and physical bodies, and ends with futuristic cityscapes taking their cues from the Metabolist architectural movement by Chinese painter Cui Jie, whose work is inspired by Metabolism, a post-war Japanese architectural movement.

In between, each contribution considers possible futures through the prism of spirituality, with Canadian artist Jeremy Shaw imagining 22nd century rituals; literature, with an evocation of British artist Katie Paterson’s project The Future Library; technology, with AI-generated artworks by artist collective Aurèce Vettier; the way clothing can change and adapt to the human body as seen in a speculative garment coming alive in an NFT video by French artist Ben Elliot, and even food, through the edible experiments of France’s Marie Méon, who signs her work with the evocative name of Manger Manger (or “eat eat”).

The calendar will be launched in Paris on Dec. 14 with an exhibition featuring works commissioned from artists at Galerie Gismondi, an antiques gallery located opposite the Gucci store on tony Rue Royale.

For the occasion, a selection of the works commissioned for “Futura Proxima” will be on display, including a Gucci Aria bag crystallized with the sweat of British artist Alice Potts.

Another is a quilted rugby jersey made from vintage Gucci scarves inspired by those worn by Queen Elizabeth II by New Zealand artist Simon Denny, and meant as a reflection on the British royal family’s influence on global capitalism and the colonial roots of the financial system.

Priced at 35 euros, “Futura Proxima” will be available for preorder from A Magazine’s website and press distributor KD Press from Wednesday, before being available from retailers such as the Gucci Museum and Idea Books at Dover Street Market.

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