Gigi Hadid's Beauty Routine

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By Faith Xue

Brad Barket/Getty

To say Gigi Hadid is having a moment right now would be an understatement. The young model just wrapped up five shows at New York Fashion Week (which is a lot, considering Hadid says she’s “not a runway girl”), has graced the pages of Vogue, and recently signed on to be the new face of Maybelline. Oh, and let’s not forget about a little thing called social media—girl’s got two million Instagram followers and counting.

We caught up with Hadid backstage at the Tom Ford F/W 15 show in Los Angeles, and asked her about everything from her can’t-live-without skin product, to her ideal going-out look (hint: lots of bronzer is involved). Keep scrolling to get to know Gigi Hadid!

On Surviving NYFW

Photo: Tom Ford

You’re about to walk Tom Ford’s first ever runway show in L.A.—how are you feeling about that?

Hadid: I’m so excited! I’ve worked with Tom a lot…I did his ready-to-wear campaign, fragrance, and cosmetics. So we’ve worked together a lot and I absolutely love him and all of the teams he works with. The second I heard about this show, I was practically on the plane—I was that excited.

How did NYFW go as a whole for you this year?

Hadid: It was awesome. It’s definitely the craziest season I’ve ever had in terms of scheduling…I was really non-stop. But it’s kind of fun that way. And honestly, you haveno energy, but you forget about it because you’re just constantly on the go.

New York was freezing this year. How did you stay warm?

Hadid: I love layering. I think it’s something that I’ve grown to be good at, because I live in New York. It’s definitely a talent that you have to work on when you live there. I’m always in jeans and a T-shirt and then, like, unique boots or a unique coat. So I love adding a scarf to that, and adding extra sweaters and kind of piling it on.

On Her Skin (and Lip) Saviors

What about your skin—did you apply this layering mentality to it, too?

Hadid: For sure. It’s a lot of moisturizing, because during fashion week you’re getting somuch makeup put on you, then rubbed off. Your skin can get raw sometimes…and dry.

Any can’t-live-without products?

Hadid: I love, and always have with me, Maybelline Clean Express Wipes. Especially with traveling, it’s so much easier to have that in your bag than face wash—and to have it at the airport, where you can’t really wash your face. Chanel Hydra Beauty is my all-time favorite lip moisturizer. I just love how thick it is. I love the smell. It’s the one beauty thing that I spend money on.

On Her Hair Routine

Photo: Daniel Zuchnik/Getty

What about hair—how did you survive fashion week with hair that wasn’t totally fried?

Hadid: That’s the thing. When you’re backstage, you’re getting so much product put into your hair. So sometimes I just feel bad taking a shower and shampooing it—I feel like my hair just doesn’t want to be touched!

So is that the secret to your model-off duty hair?!

Hadid: Honestly, I love a “day after” look. I always feel like it looks better. So yes, sometimes I’ll just sleep on it after a show. Unless it’s been gelled down or anything, I usually won’t wash my hair for a couple of days, because I think it’s supposed to settle. And your hair isn’t supposed to be washed everyday. I definitely feel like it dries it out, so I give it a break whenever I can.

On Her Beauty Style

Photo: Rick Diamond/Getty

It sounds like you have a pretty laidback approach to beauty—how would you describe your own beauty style?

Hadid: Definitely laidback. I always think less is more, and I always go for a bronzy look, rather than dark lines or anything black or gray. It’s always in the more gold-brown category.

What about for the red carpet? Same mentality?

Hadid: I feel like I’m trying to be more adventurous with my red carpet looks. In Nashville, I had one of my best friends, Allan Avedaño, come and do my makeup. He’s really good at pushing me, because I trust him a lot. So we did this really fun cat-eye with Maybelline products, then the second night we did a cleaner eye with a hot pink lip.

We loved that cat-eye! What about for date night, or going out? What’s your go-to look?

Hadid: Honestly, it’s pretty must exactly the same as my day look. I just add a little more mascara to spruce it up, though. I love the Fit Me Foundation ($8) from Maybelline. It’s just really good, and they have two kinds. In the day, I use the one that is a little more dewy, and then at night, I’ll use the matte one, because it’s better for when pictures are being taken. The Fit Me Bronzer ($5) is good, and the Nude Palette($13) is awesome because it goes between my day and night look. But ideally, for a night out, I would do a really good bronze smoky eye!

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