An ex-Amish TikTok user is going viral for trying ‘English’ things for the first time

Once again, TikTok is in a tizzy of drama thanks to a person claiming to be formerly Amish. The account @jeds_adventures quickly garnered viral fame. It appeared to follow Jedediah, an ex-Amish man, exploring the "English" or the non-Amish world. The TikTok account @iseeyou3156, which has since been deleted, uploaded videos of Jedediah to prove he was never Amish. The account claimed that Jedediah's real name was Ethan Linder and that he actually lives in South Carolina with his wife Kaitlyn Linder. Newsweek contacted Kaitlyn Linder who set the record straight. The account was started by Ethan's sister as a joke