Everywhere the 'Top Chef' Contestants Ate in Paris

Take the ultimate food tour of Paris, courtesy of the "Top Chef" Season 20 finale.

<p>Fred Jagueneau / Bravo</p>

Fred Jagueneau / Bravo

For it's twentieth season, Top Chef had to go big. And so, living up that hype, the production picked up and went to London, marking the first time the U.S. version of the series filmed completely abroad.

On top of that, all of the cheftestants they cast were what you might consider ringers: All-stars representing previous seasons of the show's domestic and many international iterations. So needless to say, the competition was stiff. Add to that the revelation that the finale location, which is often some far-flung destination away from each season's homebase city, would be the culinary capital of Paris.

With the stakes even higher, remaining chefs Ali Ghzawi, Sara Bradley, Buddha Lo, and Gabriel Rodriguez shopped, cooked, and dined their way through the City of Lights and toward the finale.

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Here's a guide to everywhere the Top Chef Season 20 contestants went in Paris:

Ducasse sur Seine

<p>ONLY FRANCE / Alamy Stock Photo</p>

ONLY FRANCE / Alamy Stock Photo

For the semifinal elimination challenge, the final four cooked aboard acclaimed chef Alain Ducasse's floating restaurant. You, too, can book a reservation to cruise your way along the Seine and end your meal with views of the Eiffel Tower (but it may be best to let the staff handle the cooking part). Lunch cruises start at €95 ($102) per person and dinner reservations start at €160 ($171) per person.

Pavillion Ledoyen

<p>Fred Jagueneau / Bravo</p>

Fred Jagueneau / Bravo

This storied restaurant has a rich history of hosting famous artists like Monet and Degas, writers and thinkers, and world leaders (think Napoleon I and Joséphine) over its nearly 250-year history. While the Top Chef contestants won't be running the kitchen when you visit, chef Yannick Alléno's three-Michelin-starred restaurant is open for lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch service.

Marsan par Hélène Darroze

<p>Courtesy of Marsan par Hélène Darroze</p>

Courtesy of Marsan par Hélène Darroze

As is tradition, the final three chefs were treated to a dinner with Tom, along with Padma and Gail. This season was no exception with a pre-finale meal at Marsan par Hélène Darroze. Chef Darroze comes from a family of generations of chefs, and Marsan is conceived as a tribute to her roots in the southwest of France with a prix fixe menu that changes weekly. Opt for lunch or dinner in the dining room — or for a totally VIP experience. There's also a 20-seat host table (lunch only) and a seven-seat chef's table (where the chefs and judges were seated) which is, for sure, by reservation only so plan ahead.

Galeries Lafayette — La Maison le Gourmet

<p>Botond Horvath / Shutterstock</p>

Botond Horvath / Shutterstock

As much as we love a good Whole Foods run, you can't help but marvel at the glow-up of the semifinalists shopping for their Elimination Challenge ingredients in the grocery section of this department store located on Boulevard Haussmann, which dates back 129 years. The Gourmet market sections include produce, sundries, chocolates, a bakery, and, of course, a wine shop.

Rue Montorgueil

<p>Getty Images</p>

Getty Images

The chefs started their finale shopping spree at La Fermette, then branched out along this shop-filled street. With its coffee houses, cafes, and specialty sellers dedicated to cheese, wine, bread, fish, flowers, and more, this shopping district bridging the first and second arrondissements is the place to do your daily grocery haul or pick up the perfect specialized ingredient for your ownTop Chef-worthy dish while taking in the laid-back bustle of Parisian life.

Champignonnière Des Carrières

In the penultimate Elimination, the chefs are tasked with featuring the humble button mushroom, or le champignon de Paris. To source their ingredients they took a field to this third-generation family-run mushroom farm in Évecquemont, about 28 miles from the heart of Paris.

Pullman Paris Centre - Bercy

As for accommodations, if you're looking to stay in the same swanky digs the cheftestants did, then book a room at the Pullman Paris Centre - Bercy location, which features a restaurant and bar, co-working spaces, spa, terrace, and even Eiffel Tower views.

Eiffel Tower

<p>Alexander Spatari / Getty Images</p>

Alexander Spatari / Getty Images

What trip to Paris would be complete without a stop at the city's most iconic landmark? In the semifinal, this is also the location of the first Quickfire in Paris, where the chefs had to verbally instruct Olympic and Paralympic athletes through cooking a dish, sight unseen. In lieu of that frustrating endeavor, you can probably just snap some selfies while holding the French treat of your choice.

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