Everything to Know About Nick Robinson’s Musician Girlfriend, Samantha Urbani

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Who Is Nick Robinson’s GF, Samantha Urbani?Kelly Lee Barrett - Getty Images
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Fans know and love Nick Robinson for his starring roles in the films Everything, Everything, Love, Simon, and Damsel, but not many know that he is in a long-term relationship. Robinson has been with his girlfriend, Samantha Urbani, for five years now. While Robinson has previously been linked to former co-stars like Chloë Grace Moretz and Taylor Spreitler, Urbani hasn’t been featured in the same projects as the actor. In fact, she is a musician. So, how did the couple come to be? Ahead, everything to know about Urbani and her relationship with Robinson.

Urbani is a musician.

Urbani is currently a solo artist, but before that she was a member of the band Friends. She also collaborated with singer-songwriter Dev Hynes for quite a few years before officially going solo.

On Sept. 22, 2023, she released her album, Showing Up.

“%1000 held this thing in shock and cried a couple cathartic lil tears holding her in my hands for the first time last night. What a trip- & a long journey- so amazed that it’s real, and so thankful for my # 1 music teammate @nightfeelingss,” she wrote in a post announcing the record. “If you know me you know I’m an ecstatic lover and a joyous freak, hyper connective / hyper creative- full of lolz and love but also I’m someone who’s experienced tremendous loss, heartbreak, dare I say trauma- (cptsd gang where u @ 😍) — and it’s been hard to think about a music RELEASE happening without the emotional release of acknowledging all of this. The heartbreaks that hit so hard they spun me to a muted oblivion!”

She continued: “Showing Up is something you can jam to, dance to, totally put on in a playlist or the background of any kind of hang… but has some pretty deep layers for those who want them- to let you know I’m so very much there with you if you’ve got a lot going on at once, and we can hold all the deep stuff together, in total love and acknowledgment— and in total fun and funkiness🤘😎🤘.”

Urbani and Robinson began dating in 2019.

Urbani and Robinson have a game of spin the bottle to thank for their relationship. They met through mutual friends and, after feeling a spark between them, decided to go on a date at Saturday Night Live.

“Hello fyi exactly 5 years ago on this very day yes the day of valentines I played spin the bottle with some friends and then a very special one of them- who I’d met a couple years before in berlin- asked me if I wanted to go to SNL > which became adventure all night > which turned into lighting tiny fireworks stolen from afterparty, outside the Plaza, in chilly NYC sunrise > and perfectly magically became morning borscht at veselka… aka top tier heart thawing revitalizing joyful times / ultimate nyc dream date / a # 1 best memory ever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯,” Urbani shared in an Instagram post posted this past Valentine’s Day. “Had to orchestrate an elaborate hoax a couple weeks ago to get him back to SNL as a surprise
to celebrate 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 #🖐️ #crazy #years.”

“Who’d a thought ‼️” she added. “Like ya @therealnickrobinson 😎👍 PS: Never b4 seen footage of us just straight vibing at the end — u know I’m sentimental sry 4 leaking babe:^).”

Urbani frequently features Robinson on her Instagram.

Robinson is a recurring character on Urbani’s Instagram account. She gives her followers glimpses into their relationship through selfies and photos together.

While Robinson doesn’t post on Instagram often, he makes time to show support for Urbani.

Robinson’s Instagram posts are few and far between. Up until July 2023, his last post was in 2021. Despite not having a big social media presence, Robinson makes sure to support his girlfriend and promote her work. On July 25, 2023, he posted a selfie holding Urbani’s newest album, Showing Up, on vinyl.

“I’ve been off Instagram for awhile but wanted to pop back on to share,” Robinson wrote in the caption. “I’ve watched Samantha make this album over the last four years. I’ve seen the work that she has put into each and every track. It’s a beautiful representation of her. It’s funky and outgoing and fun but also deeply thoughtful and quietly brave. It’s a representation of the places she has been, and the places she wants to go. It’s a soulful and vulnerable album about heartbreak, loss, and having the courage to pick up the pieces. It’s also got some bops. So go check out SHOWING UP. Out on all platforms 9/22. Pre-order NOW.”

Urbani is 37 years old.

Born on Sept. 18, 1987 in Connecticut, Urbani is a Virgo. Robinson, who is 29, was born on March 22, 1995 and is an Aries. According to the AstroTwins, the attraction between Virgo and Aries “feels so fated, it’s impossible to resist.”

“Fire-sign Aries loves freedom and risk but helplessly falls for prudent, parental Virgo, an earth sign landlocked by practicality and protocol,” the AstroTwins wrote for ELLE.com. “The tips of Virgo’s gossamer wings are singed by Aries’ high-key flame—yet, into the fire the Maiden flutters.”

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