Everything We Know About Miley Cyrus' Boyfriend Maxx Morando

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Everything We Know About Miley's Boyfriend MaxxDonato Sardella - Getty Images

There's a new man in Miley Cyrus' life, and his name is Maxx Morando. The couple has kept details about their romance under wraps, but many of Miley's fans believe that songs "River" and "You" off her eighth studio album, Endless Summer Vacation, were inspired by her new love with the 24-year-old musician. In March 2023, she was spotted with Maxx at her album release party as well as star-studded events for fashion houses, Gucci and Versace.

The couple has been romantically linked since 2021, when the Daily Mail published photos of Miley cozying up to Maxx days before hosting her 2022 New Year's Eve bash in Miami. While the couple has kept their relationship low-key and out of the public eye, we've gotten some glimpses of cute moments that they've shared over the years. Here's everything we know about Miley Cyrus' boyfriend, Maxx Morando.

He is a drummer

Max currently plays the drums for the Los Angeles-based rock band Lilly. Before that, he performed as part of The Regrettes from 2015 to 2018.

Miley name-dropped Maxx in a Vogue interview

While chatting with Vogue about her classic festival looks in September 2021, Miley opened up about fashion designer Shane Kastl's "one-of-kind collaboration" with Maxx. "Shane used existing pieces I've collected over time and customized Maxx's cartoon characters [within] his construction," she gushed. "Their collaboration is the perfect example of sustainability becoming the next fashion phase, and it proves that anything can be reinvented, which resonates with me deeply."

Max celebrated the shout-out by reposting a screenshot of Miley's article on his Instagram.

He made his first red carpet-appearance with Miley in November 2021

Rumors of a potential relationship between Miley and Maxx first surfaced after the duo attended Gucci's Love Parade runway show.

gucci love parade arrivals
Donato Sardella - Getty Images

Shortly after their appearance, sources claimed the two are together. "She's happily dating Maxx," an insider told E! News. "It's official between them." The source also revealed that the new couple first bonded over their shared interest in music.

Maxx was first spotted with Miley over the summer

According to Daily Mail, the couple was first photographed together in July 2021 during a trip to Nashville.

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