‘Manifest’ Season 4, Part 2 Episodes Will Drop on a Very Important Day for the Series

manifest    tail spin episode 304    pictured l r melissa roxburgh as michaela stone, matt long as zeke landon    photo by peter kramerwarner brothers
‘Manifest’ Season 4 Is Finally Here!Warner Brothers - NBC Universal

The newest season of Manifest is officially here! Fans of the NBC series rallied around the show post its big cancellation after season 3, and considering the huge cliff-hanger it ended on, who could blame them?! After all that drama, the show’s mystery will get a solution in a supersized fourth season on Netflix—which is finally available to stream right now! Here’s everything we know about Manifest season 4.

manifest    tail spin episode 304    pictured l r melissa roxburgh as michaela stone, matt long as zeke landon    photo by peter kramerwarner brothers
Warner Brothers - NBC Universal

Manifest is *finally* back for season 4, so let’s talk details.

Last year on Saturday, August 28 (aka 828, just to add some *extra* significance to the announcement), Netflix confirmed that the rumors are true and that Manifest is indeed being resurrected for a fourth season!

Appropriately, it’s a resurrection with a specific death date attached—the series is getting just one more season to wrap up the story. Before you get too down about the “just one more season” aspect of the news, though, you should know that it’s a supersized season with 20 episodes, which we can only hope is enough to tie up all of the show’s loose plot threads.

Okay, so when is it coming out?!

Manifest fans were counting down the days until 828 Day, aka August 28, in the hopes of a special announcement, and Netflix delivered. The streamer dropped a brand-new poster for the series and revealed that Manifest season 4 will come out on November 4, aka today!

Just like Stranger Things season 4, the season will be split into two parts with 10 episodes each. The second part of season 4 will be released on June 2, which might not be too surprising to hear if you've been playing close attention to the show.

Which cast members are coming back to the series?

So far, most of the cast is set to return, according to Deadline. At least, the ones who have survived at the end of season 3. Josh Dallas, Melissa Roxburgh, J. R. Ramirez, Parveen Kaur, Luna Blaise, and Holly Taylor are all signed up to return. Jack Messina, who played Cal Stone, will be leaving the series and Ty Doran will be taking over the role in a surprise twist.

Ezekiel Landon, played by Matt Long, has also been confirmed to return after initial reports stated that his status was up in the air. Matt is set to star in NBC’s new pilot Getaway, which many believed would impact his schedule. However, he confirmed that he would be back at the 2021 Creative Arts Emmys.

“I don’t know what’s coming,” he said according to TV Line. “I just hope that Zeke plays a really big part in it, and I’m just really excited and can’t wait to see what it is. We’ve got a few months before we start up, so we’re all really thrilled.”

Meanwhile, fans will also be saying goodbye to Athena Karkanis, who played Cal and Olive’s mom, after her death in the season 3 finale.

Is there a trailer?!

Netflix heard our calls for a trailer and we finally got one! As the passengers of 828 get closer and closer to their death day, they are scrambling to find answers and learn more about what is going on. But a big reveal might help them solve the big mystery. Ready to find out what it is? Check out the trailer below:

Is there any intel on what we can expect?

While fans already know to expect the unexpected when it comes to this series, Netflix still managed to give us a little sneak peek for Geeked Week and even Michaela is surprised by what she found.

In a special clip, Michaela is looking around the shipyard for who knows what. But what she discovers is definitely not what she expected. Watch it below:

Wait, I thought Manifest was canceled?

I mean…technically, yes, it was. NBC axed the show back on June 14, 2021. The move was actually a last-minute decision for the network because cast contracts were set to expire the next day. It was also surprising for some newer fans since the show was at the top of the Netflix Top 10 as more people binged the series for the first time.

Okay, so explain the saga of season 4, plz.

After Manifest’s cancellation at NBC, fans (and the cast and crew of the show) rallied, which, combined with continuously strong viewership numbers on Netflix, worked together to increase the show’s chances of renewal.

In August 2021, Warner Bros. TV (aka the show’s production studio) was said to be finalizing negotiations with Netflix to get a season 4 in order, according to Deadline. Negotiations and “if-come” offers had been made to cast and writers too, but nothing was certain juuust yet.

Even though the series was canceled by NBC and the network seemed as if it started to have a change of heart to keep the show after it has stayed firmly in the Netflix Top 10, Manifest likely wouldn’t return to the broadcaster—or even its streaming service, Peacock—if renewed, reported Deadline.

So much Netflix fan love for the show rained in, which likely played a role in a plan to revive Manifest. And when we say fan love rained in, we mean it poured in. #SaveManifest has frequently been a trending hashtag on Twitter, and Manifest enjoyed a four-week streak on top of Nielsen’s U.S. streaming chart. #SaveManifest even caught the attention of the Manifest crew themselves, including Josh Dallas (who plays Ben Stone), who went ahead and tweeted his own support:

Manifest’s renewal negotiations with Netflix was not the first time a decision like this was made. Netflix also revived FOX’s Lucifer after it was canceled, which Warner Bros. TV was also a part of. Since both sides have a history of making these kinds of deals, the #SaveManifest campaign had real hope.

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