Lily Colins Is "Hoping To Get the Green Light" for "Emily In Paris" Season 2

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Photo credit: CAROLE BETHUEL - Netflix
Photo credit: CAROLE BETHUEL - Netflix

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Bonjour, Emily in Paris fans. The brand new Netflix series, created by Younger and Sex and The City creator Darren Star, made us all fall in love with the City of Lights as Emily tried to find her footing in France. Of course, things didn't go 100 percent as planned, but it's all part of the charm of Emily in Paris. From crazy love triangles to work slip ups, there was nothing that Emily and her new co-workers didn't face. So what's next for our favorite employees of Savoir? And will we be going back to Paris for another crazy season?

*Major spoilers for season 1 of Emily in Paris below!*

Here's everything you need to know about Emily in Paris season 2.

Will Emily have to choose between Gabriel and Mathieu next season?

Season one's major cliffhanger left fans wondering which guy she would pick: Gabriel or Mathieu. While we certainly have our own opinions on the matter, the cast and creators also have their own idea on how it will all go down.

"[Emily is going] to have a lot of complicated choices with a lot of the men in her life. Certainly with Gabriel, who’s been the primary relationship, but also her primary relationship is also with Camille, who she really became very good friends with — and I think Emily’s the kind of girl that would never want to betray a friend. So I think it’s given Emily a real moral dilemma," creator Darren Star told Collider. "We haven’t really seen the potential of [Emily and Mathieu's] relationship yet. I think Emily’s is going to have some surprising choices to make next season."

He also noted that Gabriel's new deal with Antoine might cause some trouble between him and everyone else.

"I think that Antoine is an untrustworthy guy and his motives…I don’t trust him. I think it’s a dangerous combination working with Gabriel," he said.

Speaking about Gabriel, if you're hoping for more of his relationship with Camille, it looks like they might have to go back to the beginning to work things out.

"I think in his mind, yes, I think he’s broken up with Camille. They’ve been fighting a lot lately and he feels very emasculated by the fact that her family wants to help him. And he always wanted to be that self-made chef, and he’s been feeling so little for so long that, now that they have broken up, I don’t think he wants to get back to that, or at least they deserve to have a conversation about it. I think he’s really drawn to Emily and all the opportunities that are coming with her," star Lucas Bravo told Collider.

How will Camille react to Emily and Gabriel?

The two BFFs have laid on the same bed, (accidentally) shared a kiss, and walked the streets of Paris together, but will Camille and Emily still be close after the news of what went down with her and Gabriel is revealed?

"I think he didn’t properly broke [sic] up with me, which is a problem. Which is not cool. And I think he needs to see me face-to-face, and tell me why he’s leaving me. And if he’s really truly leaving me, we understand that we have an issue together," Camille Razat told Collider. "He needs to tell me properly. He needs to end it properly."

"I think that Camille may be more upset with Emily. Because she was so nice to her, and she just welcomed her. And in that matter, I think Camille will be mad for a little amount of time, but she really loves Emily," she continued. "So she’s just going to, as an adult, just discuss that with her, and try to understand why they did this. And how are they going to manage this? Because obviously, I think Camille, anyways, wants to stay friends with Emily."

What will Emily in Paris season 2 be about?

There's no doubt that we'll be seeing more of Emily as she tries to balance her brand new life in Paris with all the craziness as Savoir. Not only does she have a lot of work to do to prove Sylvie that she has what it takes to work there, her relationship with Mathieu might make things a bit complicated.

Also, who can forget Gabriel and Camille. Antoine revealed that he purchased the restaurant for Gabriel so he can stay in Paris. Talk about AWKWARD, especially since they just had sex together. And to make things even crazier, Camille sent a text to Emily with the good news followed by a "Can we talk?" message. Does she know what went down? Or does she just want to talk to her American BFF over trying to find a way to get back with Gabriel?

Series creator Darren Star gave us a big hint in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

"I think they had a really wonderful moment together, but what's the intention? That the idea that Gabriel thinking this was a farewell. But I don't think Gabriel would have split up with his girlfriend if he wasn't moving away. There's no way Emily would have been with Gabriel thinking that he was still with Camille. So I think that the question is where does it go from here? Where Emily is with Gabriel is really unexpected. She's left at a very unexpected place," he said. "I think that [Emily and Mathieu's] relationship is something that's right now. As far as he's concerned, he's committed to full steam ahead, he revealed."

Looks like we're going to have to wait until season two to find out who she picks.

Is Emily in Paris season 2 happening?

Since the series only recently dropped on the streaming giant, it's still a little too early to find out whether or not it will be coming back for another season. However, if you loved the show, you better tell all your friends to watch it ASAP as more viewers means it has a better chance of being renewed.

The good news is that Lily Collins, who plays Emily, is ready for more. "All of us are incredibly grateful," she said in an interview with Harpers Bazaar. "We're really hoping to get the green light for Season 2," she added.

When will Emily in Paris season 2 start filming?

Without a renewal, Emily in Paris won't be starting to film for a little while. Another important thing to remember is that the show actually films in Paris. With the COVID-19 pandemic causing some delays in production, there's a chance that they might be able to start filming right away.

When will Emily in Paris season 2 be released?

If the show gets a fast renewal and it's able to start production again ASAP, then it can probably follow Netflix's usual schedule of releasing another season a year after a show originally premieres. This means that it will likely come back in October 2021.

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