Everything We Know About the Bama Rush Documentary

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Everything to Know About "Bama Rush"YouTube

If you scrolled through TikTok in August 2021, then you probably came across tons of videos of college students prepping for sorority recruitment (a.k.a rush week) at the University of Alabama. Bama Rush videos flooded Tokers FYPs, instantly gaining notoriety on the clock app and beyond. So much so that HBO Max announced a documentary centered around the sorority recruitment experience at the University of Alabama. If you want to know more about the doc, read ahead for everything we know about Bama Rush.

What is Bama Rush about?

Based on the viral success of the 2021 rush week, documentary filmmaker Rachel Fleit headed to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to follow "four young women as they prepared to rush at the university" during the 2022 rush week, Variety reports.

The doc will explore and analyze Greek Life on the campus of the University of Alabama and beyond and shed light on the experiences young women have during their rush process. According to a press release obtained by the outlet, "Fleit explores the emotional complexities and stakes of belonging in this crucial window into womanhood."

Is there a trailer?

Yup! HBO Max released the official trailer for the film on May 4. The nearly three-minute-long trailer explored Greek Life at Bama, how the rush process impacts students, and touched on sensitive topics like disordered eating and racism, and how it plays a part in Greek Life.

When does Bama Rush come out?

The documentary hits the HBO Max and Discovery merged streaming service Max on May 23.

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