Everyone Is Trying To Find This Ghost-Shaped Tequila Bottle That Went Viral On TikTok

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There is always something going viral online—a hack, a new menu item, or an appliance—but every so often, there's a stand-out item way cooler than the rest. Right now, the internet's new obsession is a tequila that comes in a ceramic ghost bottle, and while there's never a bad time for tequila, as we gear up for fall and Halloween people are going out of their way to track down the bottles.

Like most of these little known internet gems, the virality of the ghost tequila is all thanks to TikTok and when you look up the #GhostTequila hashtag you can watch people hit up their local liquor stores to try and find it. The brand is Gran Agave Ghost Edition Reposado, and as a reposado, it was aged in either European or American oak barrels—you can learn about the different types of tequila here.

While reviews from TikTok users have come to the conclusion the taste of the 100 percent agave, 80-proof liquor isn't the best, it's the adorable bottle encouraging people to go on the hunt. According to online listing, the bottles go for about $50 and can be used for drinking alone, mixing into margaritas, and most importantly, as a fun Halloween decoration to keep on your bar cart.

If you want to get in a ~spooky~ mood early this year, people on TikTok have had luck finding the bottle at Total Wine & More stores and you can use alcohol delivery services like Drizly to see if you can order a bottle near you.

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