Everyone Is Freaking Out Over This $4 Hack That Makes Jeans Fit Better

Tara Gonzalez
·2 min read

It鈥檚 true what they say: You never really know what someone is going through. And as it turns out, the youths of TikTok are going through a dilemma almost none of us have had to deal with in this godforsaken year. While we were all living in Spanx leggings and avoiding hard pants at all costs, Gen Zers were having trouble with their jeans fitting looser than ever. That sounds nice. Can鈥檛 relate.

In a now-viral TikTok, a teen reveals that she uses a button pin from Amazon to get her jeans to fit tighter. The internet promptly lost it, and other Gen Zers chimed in saying the style hack was life-changing. Some even called the girl a hero. You can currently buy a pack of 8 pieces on sale for $4, and yes, we鈥檝e already bought a couple.

Shop now: $4 (Originally $6); amazon.com

The way the button pins work is honestly so simple, we don鈥檛 know why we didn鈥檛 think of it first. You just put them wherever you want along the waist, and then you button your pants to that point. The TikToker demonstrates how to use this $4 Amazon hack on jeans, but you can easily put these pins on anything you鈥檇 like to fit differently, like a blazer, a skirt, or even a button-down shirt.

These pins can also make controversial jeans less controversial. Celebrities like Katie Holmes and Sarah Jessica Parker have been wearing wide-legged baggy jeans for weeks, and if you were influenced by them to invest in a pair, you can easily use these button pins to transform the trend into something more wearable for everyday. What can we say, these button pins have clearly got range.

While most of us probably aren鈥檛 wishing our hard pants clung to our bodies even tighter while we sit on the couch for what feels like the 1,000th day in a row, it鈥檚 hard not to admit these button pins are genius. Shop them for just $4 on Amazon.