Every Song From HBO's 'Industry' Soundtrack

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Photo credit: HBO
Photo credit: HBO

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Industry, HBO's new prestige Monday-night drama, is a show you can finally watch with all your finance friends, as you attempt to understand what the heck they actually do all day, and, in the process, gain absolutely zero insight into what they heck they actually do all day. (Just admit you're working on PowerPoints, Jeremy. Saying "Decks" doesn't change what they are.)

The series follows a group of entry-level London finance traders who spend the daylight trading vague financial securities and the nighttime trading fluids. It's essentially Suits meets Euphoriain that there's a lot of ladder climbing, entry-level hazing, drugs... and nudity.

There's also a lot finance. Like, so much finance. So much that for anyone not involved in actual trading, a lot of dialogue will sound like gibberish. While this vernacular diarrhea might seem unpalatable, it actually bolsters the series' immersion; there's "respecting the audience" and then there's Industrywhere "ask for the level of 1-year 1-year Euro-swap in 500k DV01" will be spoken dramatically and then never ever explained.

It also increases the series' chaotic levels by Uncut Gems levels. So while real-life trading might not involve as many dramatic phone calls or life-or-death PowerPoint deck decisions, the series, nonetheless, perfectly captures the frenetic energy of 20-something ambition.

Helping it accomplish this chaos is a soundtrack selected from several independent and electronic British artists.

So if you're looking for a playlist to blast as you stay up all night working on PowerPoint slides (we mean, your deck) and attempting to feel important, we got you covered. Here's every song from the series so far, including “Blue Spring” by Nathan Micay (we know you're looking for that one).

Episode 8

"Johnny and Mary" by Todd Terje (Feat. Bryan Ferry)

Episode 7

“Mrs Blue” by Tommy Down

“Fear of a Flat Planet” by Children of Zeus (Feat. LayFullStop)

“Just A Phase” by Two Another (Feat. Arno Faraji)

“Breakfast” by Alex Gough


“Pass Out” by Tinie Tempah (Feat. Labrinth)

“Glue” by Bicep

“I Don’t Need It” by Weval

“Believe” by Okay Kaya

Episode 6

“I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” by The Ronettes

“Lonely This Christmas” by Mud

“Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” by Darlene Love

“Waltz of The Flowers” by Tchaikovsky

“I Just Love What You’re Doing” by Hot Chocolate

“Step Into Christmas” by Elton John

“Dreamer” by Livin’ Joy

“Gold” by Spandau Ballet

“Carol of Bells” by Mykola Leontovych

Episode 5

“Don’t Turn Around” by Biig Piig

“Boys Grow Up” by Artificial Pleasure (Feat. Jylda)

“The Party We Could Have” by Nathan Micay

“I’m Gone” by Aitch

“Ooo” by IAMDDB

“Sticky Leaves” by Linying

Episode 4

“Shade” by IAMDDB

“Breathe” by CamelPhat (Feat. Jem Cooke & Cristoph)

“Creep” by Rizbra

Listen here.

“Under Your Spell” by Desire

“Space Dust” by Louis VI

“Toy” by Young Fathers

“Brick $ell Phone” by 100s

Episode 3

“Aura” by Bicep

“S Club Party” by S Club 7

“H3AT RISES” by Nilufer Tanya

“Flaws and All” by Ebenezer

“Witch Doctor” by Crazy P

“Fearing Love” by Serge Devant (feat. Camille Safiya and Damino C)

“Wish You Called” by Swan Lingo (feat. Juice Jackal)

Episode 2

"Second Death of My Face" by W H Lung

"Figure Me Out" by Tia Carys

"Pigalle" by Kamaal Williams

"Flew The Coop" by Adibanti

"Don’t Think I’m Leaving Without You" by Tommy Down

"#Bad4Me" by Etta Bond

"Gimme Love" by Joji

"Move Your Body" by Xpansions

"Nice To Have" by 070 Shake

Episode 1

“Can’t See Your Face Anymore” by Swan Lingo

“Dinner” by Blood Orange

“Youth” by Ben Khan

“Bring It Up” by W.H. Lung

“Letters” (Jeremy Olander Remix) by W.H. Lung

“Do It Without You” by Jacques Greene

“Blue Spring” by Nathan Micay

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