Literally Every Single One Of These 21 Things I Just Found Out Completely And Totally Blew My Mind Last Week

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1. Zoos have emergency snake bite alarms for, well, emergency snake bites:

2. This is the distribution of letters in your standard Scrabble set:

I need more J's.

3. This is what a 2x4 of wood looked like 75 years ago vs. today:

Due to different wood, different cutting methods, etc.

4. Some planes let you have a poo with a view:

5. This is what the first page of Harry Potter looks like in Scots:

Scots is a language native to Scotland.

6. You can save a loooooot of money by visiting your local library:

7. Pink pineapples exist:

They apparently taste pretty much the same.

8. In addition to the original (Nic Cage voice) Declaration of Independence, a bunch of copies were made and sent to other places. Here's what one of those copies looks like:

9. Most places outside of the United States don't refrigerate their eggs:

10. Crosswalks for people on horses are a thing:

11. We finally have the answer to "what happens if a cactus gets hit by lightning":

12.A six-day stay in the hospital in 1947 cost you $129:

A hospital bill from 1947

13. Some dishwashers have a place just for chopsticks:

14. Fingers can grow back. FINGERS CAN GROW BACK!

Read more here.

15. Some hardware stores can be pretty hardcore:

16. Bananas, well, they can be straight:

17. Table hockey pucks can get very, very worn down:

18. People were talking about climate change as long as 110 years ago:

19. Dandelions can be gigantic:

20. This is what happens to a penny when it goes in one end and out the other:

21. And, finally, you've seen the "American" section in a grocery store before. Well, this is what the "European" section looks like in the US: