Every Hour Is Golden Hour When I’m Wearing Rare Beauty’s New Highlighter

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It’s not surprising that it's already sold out.

<p>Rare Beauty</p>

Rare Beauty

I’m pretty positive that I was using highlighter before it became the ubiquitous, easy-to-find product that is right now. When I first began trying to highlight my face, there were very few options on the market, so I did a lot of DIY experimentation with finishing powders and even eyeshadows in its place.

My point is that I have been testing highlighters for over a decade, and as such, have come to have very rigorous standards and high expectations. Liquid or cream formulas are all I’ve used for at least four years, but that has all changed with Rare Beauty’s new Positive Light Silky Touch Highlighter. It has, unsurprisingly, sold out in lightning speed. But while we await its restock, you can also shop the brand's Positive Light Liquid Luminizer Highlight, a similar finish in a cream formula.



Shop now: $25; sephora.com

The highlighter, which made its debut last month, comes in four shades, all of which are already sold out. With most highlighter collections, only one or two shades work for me, so I was — no joke — bewildered to find that every single one of these worked with my complexion.

Each of the four shades has color to it, but is still translucent enough that it looks like it’s melting into the skin instead of sitting on top of it. It looks like liquid light; it’s that golden hour glow but at any and every hour. My go-to shade (and the one I’m wearing in the photo below) is the pink-ish Mesmerize.  If you're looking for a more expansive shade range, I'd recommend the Liquid Luminizer collection, which has eight options (and they're all in stock right now).

<p>InStyle / Tamim Alnuweiri</p>

InStyle / Tamim Alnuweiri

It blends seamlessly with my olive complexion and takes just one swipe to light up my face. It plays incredibly well on bare skin as well as with my makeup routine, even though nearly everything I use is a cream or liquid. I would like to find a thorn in this rose to make this review seem less biased, but I simply cannot — this might be the perfect highlighter.

I’m not surprised that all four shades of the just-launched highlighter already sold out. Instead, shop the $25 Rare Beauty Positive Light Liquid Luminizer, a very similar alternative, until the powder version is back in stock at Sephora. 

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